The summer to school year transition


Ashleigh Ericson

Pastrano is one of many teachers who likes preparing for school early.

Ashleigh Ericson, Staff Writer

Many teachers have different ways of transitioning from summer to the school year. Numerous staff members like creating a schedule before school starts while others like to just roll with it. 

Getting into a schedule for school can be very difficult. Multiple teachers like to generate a routine before school even starts so that they are more prepared for the upcoming year. 

LHS English teacher, Xavier Pastrano, prefers to develop a routine before the school year. Every school year Pastrano anticipates getting things ready for his students so he begins during the summer.

“I try to get my head in the game a little early,” said Pastrano. “By mid-July I start my planning, decorating my room and reading new materials.”

Another teacher that likes to be prepared for school ahead of time is LHS science teacher, Mesa Jacobson. Jacobson loves seeing everyone excited to be back at school with their friends. 

“I pack my lunch the night before and I start waking up earlier about two weeks before school starts,” said Jacobson. 

On the other hand, there are teachers who prefer to utilize their entire summer and prepare for the school year right before it is about to start. 

LHS math teacher, Heidi Dykstra, is among those who prefer to wait and prepare. Dykstra enjoys getting back into a routine for school but instead of preparing weeks before, she prefers to start when the school year begins.

“I rip the bandaid off on day one, and we just have to get going,” said Dykstra. 

It can be argued that the summer should be taken advantage of to its full potential which means not a lot of planning is necessary ahead of time. LHS English and Speech teacher, Mindy Brunmaier, prefers this approach.

“I make sure my classroom is as inviting as possible and my first week or so is planned out for my classes,” said Brunmaier.” Other than that, we drain every last second out of summer break.”

Whether the teachers at LHS have a routine before school starts or if they do it last minute, it always works out because they always are prepared when the students walk in the door. Teachers allow for a great learning environment that ensures the student can have a fun yet an educational year and for that, the students of LHS are very grateful.