Bones or No Bones day?



This is not Noodle the pug, but this would be considered a no bones day.

Lydia Nelson, Staff Writer

What is a bones or no bones day? The popular trend comes from.. you guessed it, TikTok.
The trend originates from an owner and his 13-year-old pet pug, Noodle. The owner, Jonathan Graziano gets up everyday with Noodle, to tell his platform of 3.7 million followers if they can treat themselves or to say it’s a no bones day as an excuse.
The actual act of figuring out if the day is going to be a bones day or a no bones day consists of Graziano putting Noodle on a pillow and seeing if he will stand up or flop over. If he keeps his stance, then it is a day of good and you can treat yourself. It is a day to celebrate and eat that brownie or go out to eat. When Noodle falls over onto the pillow, it’s considered a no bones day, and you can use that as an excuse to have a not so good day. You can blame anything bad that happens on it being a no bones day.
Graziano started doing videos everyday on TikTok in August setting Noodle up to see what the day was going to be, but just recently blew up about two weeks ago. Over 10.9 million people have watched the initial viral video and it has become an everyday habit to check his profile to see the outcome or what’s going to happen that day. He posts a lot of different kinds of videos, but everytime that he posts with Noodle, he blows up almost instantly.
Despite this being a silly TikTok trend, many people take the no bones or bones day seriously. Scrolling on TikTok, many will say to take it with a grain of salt, but this has been getting a lot of attention and love from people all over the world. Many people agree with the outcome for the day and use that to their advantage or an excuse for what happens in their day.
Many will say that Noodle is metaphorically “a four legged mood ring and a daily horoscope” to tell people what kind of day they are going to have, according to a NY Times article about Noodle and Graziano published a week ago. But are you going to let Noodle, the pug determine your day from now on?