Fall-inspired self-care ideas


Kate Tollinger

There are beautiful trees aplenty in and around Sioux Falls.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

Some absolutely dread this time of year. Others enjoy being able to dig out their flannels and pumpkin spice-scented candles. No matter how you personally feel, here are a few ways to relax and relish in your fall day. Although these ideas may seem cheesy and quite common, they truly will spark an uplifting feeling and slight motivation to take on your day. 

The best way to start off a fall day is by incorporating some sort of pumpkin into your breakfast. Personally, I think I have mastered pumpkin waffles. They are super easy to make and in a way, I feel like I am sort of cheating. All you need is three ingredients: Kodiak Cake mix, milk and pumpkin puree. Combine them all in a bowl, and if you feel like going above and beyond, add in cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice. Turn this batter into pancakes or waffles and lather them in your choice of toppings.

Another activity to add to your fall day is a hike. It is not just pumpkins that get people excited about the fall season, but also the warm-colored trees. The bike trails, Falls Park, Leaders Park, Great Bear and Good Earth State Park are all great places in Sioux Falls to get your exercise in while enjoying the fall trees.

Decorating your room with a few fall pieces can be the best way to engage in the fall season. Throw pillows and overpriced fall-scented candles were staples in decking out my room this year. Buying a few fun fall decorations for your room can seem like a hassle and unnecessary but just remember you can re-use them over the years and they simply add a fun fall touch to your daily environment. 

Lastly, go buy yourself a flannel or any clothing item that reminds you of fall. A new sweatshirt, long sleeve or a pair of cozy socks can further set you in a fall mood. This doesn’t need to consist of spending lots of money, even thrifting a fall clothing piece can be fun and reasonable. 

Whether you decide on a candle, going on a hike or making a scrumptious pumpkin breakfast, hopefully, it can help you enjoy a peaceful fall day.