Improving mind, body and soul at LHS


Baily Plourde

Lydia Sarbacker is exhibiting the yoga pose “Yogi Squat” in the Statesman room.

Baily Plourde, Entertainment Editor

Whether you are an avid yogi or not, most people are familiar with yoga poses like “child’s pose” and “downward dog.” What most people are not aware of is the fact that these poses can drastically improve your physical and mental health with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of consistency. 

Out of the many physical education classes LHS offers, yoga has been one of the more recent and popular added to the list. Taught by Kaaren Huber, Lifetime Wellness and Yoga is a class based on understanding yoga poses and techniques, along with learning how the benefits of yoga can improve your everyday life and overall well-being. 

“Increased strength and stamina, increased flexibility and just more mental alertness are some of the greatest benefits of yoga,” said Huber. “This is a class for boys and girls looking to improve their sense of balance and overall mental health.”

Yoga has been introduced to many different groups of people as a way to better their minds and bodies. A large aspect of yoga is the incorporation of regulated breathing and meditation. As LHS contains over 1000 stressed teenagers, this class is a way to help students learn to regulate their stress and other incredibly impactful emotions through their high school years and beyond. 

“Yoga targets unmanaged stress, a main component of chronic disorders such as anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes and insomnia,” said the American Psychological Association. 

This class is made for everyone. Female or male, athlete or not, Lifetime Wellness and Yoga is inclusive and a good time. Not only does yoga work with maintaining and improving your mental health, but yoga is also a great class for getting your body moving. Many poses are scaled to an individual’s personal level and are able to be modified for many needs. A large part of the benefits in building your strength and flexibility through yoga are shown later in life as it helps you maintain mobility and prevent injury. 

“Personally, I was practicing yoga through the first quarter and a half of a torn hip labrum, through surgery and after,” said Huber. “My doctor was surprised at how quickly I bounced back which I mainly attribute to yoga.”

These benefits prove to present years and years on through almost every aspect of life. Beginning your yogi journey is just one step away… down the E Wing and through the yoga doors.