Netflix’s new empowering, unflinching show ‘Maid’



‘Maid’ is currently in the top three in Netflix’s U.S today.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Netflix draws a picture of a painful truth into a dramatic story of an abused single mother fighting for the safety of her child in its new show “Maid.” The performances of Alex Russell, played by Margaret Qualley, gave a manipulative, well-structured drama between the poor and rich worlds. As many are in need to keep their mansion clean, more are in need of a job to pay for their next meal. 

Watching this show brings many to tears while sitting through hours of a mom struggling to keep a roof over her daughter’s head, bringing everyone back to the reality that tragedies like this really happen. The story of Alex in and out of homes, is always putting her two-year-old daughter, Maddy, before herself. Alex pushes and encourages as much as she can to keep Maddy away from her violent father, Sean. Although Sean has never laid a hand on either of the girls, he has given Alex PTSD from many kinds of emotional abuse. 

After receiving help, Alex soon finds a job cleaning the luxurious homes on Fisher Island for the state’s maximum of 30 hours a week. One of the clients is a woman named Regina, who has a complex backstory herself and seems to be going through more than her so-called “perfect life” can cover up. The characters like her undiagnosed bipolar mother, Paula, divorced with Alex’s dad Hank, have completely different lives of their own all adding to the despairing problems Alex already has on her shoulders. Though, you soon learn that with every small act of kindness someone gives towards Alex, she cares a lot and gives all her gratitude and empathy towards them. 

It is heartbreaking to watch Alex accept and take her pounding from the people in her life that bring her down and dig a bigger hole for her to get out of all on her own. This show brought to my realization right away that there are people out there that go through very similar situations like the one in the show. It is brought to my attention that everyone should be more than thankful for the things that they have because the amount of families or even just a person is going through on a daily basis is a lot different from everyone else. From fighting for the custody of their child to searching for loose change, while trying to afford the gas in the car they live in,  nothing can compare to your iPhone being dead or not getting that brand new pair of shoes. 

This show is for people of real empathy who do not mind getting a little teary-eyed. Watching someone face the reality of people who can’t always have it all. However, I think everyone should watch this show to put their mind into a different perspective. It can be difficult to watch but definitely worth it all in the end.