Senior seasons come to a close


Vanessa Timat

Jaykob Knutson (left) and Ella Westaby (right) are seniors at LHS.

Vanessa Timat, Staff Writer

As senior year kicks in, there are many emotions flying around that emphasize the end of an era. Some may be overjoyed with the fact that graduation is right around the corner and that the end of the high school homework days are over. However, looking back on memories made in sports and activities may make seniors emotional knowing their time in high school is ending. 

LHS seniors, Jaykob Knutson and Ella Westaby, describe what it’s like as their final fall seasons come to an end and how their sports experiences have affected their last couple of years. Knutson is involved in cross country and has had the opportunity to make great bonds with teammates throughout his years on the team. 

“The cross country team is the most fun group to be a part of at LHS,” said Knutson. “Everyone is super funny and friendly, but we also know when to get to work and support each other while doing it. [Being involved in cross country] has helped me grow into a confident person and introduced me to lifelong friends.” 

Westaby’s fall sport is playing on the girls soccer team. It is evident she  is sad being in the final stage of the sport, but recognizes it has built good character and really has had an impact on her.

“Being a senior, it’s kinda sad cause it’s my last year but I think that it shows how long I’ve been committed to playing it and that I’ve been through it and I know what’s going on,” said Westaby. “I have more of a voice I would say as a captain.” 

However, getting through the final season can be very difficult. As they experience the last year, everything is more sentimental and meaningful. Taking in the end of a cycle that seemed endless at the start. 

“It’s hard because it’s my last first. It was my last first game, and it was my last Homecoming game, so I would say that it’s a lot of lasts,” said Westaby.

As much as it is sad to see their sports end, the two athletes have made good memories along the way and have learned valuable lessons about not only sportsmanship but also about the real world. 

“Starting as a super slow freshman to now running on the varsity team taught me a lot about hard work and perseverance,” said Knutson. “[My biggest takeaway is] just how much a positive team atmosphere and loving teammates can help someone grow as an athlete and a person.” 

As they say goodbye to their final season, many incoming students are just getting started. Let’s see where this new chapter of life takes them.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” said Westaby. “It’s important to be in sports because it’s like a second family and it’s just something that you can learn to love. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to play.”