Student section rivalry


Twitter screenshot from ESPN

Screenshot from Twitter about how Harrisburg is considered the best student section crowd.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Dressing up to match the theme with glitter around their eyes, students wear tutus and all kinds of crazy and fun costumes. Students are ready to get fired up. 

The rivalry between high schools this year is like no other. Who has the better themes? Who has the bigger student section? Loudest crowd? Hail Mary? It all comes down to the last couple of minutes on the field and a close game. The students at every school not only fight for their home football team but also for the loudest and craziest student section in the state. 

“I believe that the Harrisburg student section is better than anyone else’s because although the size isn’t always the largest or the theme doesn’t match, everyone is there for the same reason: to cheer on the football team to be the best. I would also argue the school spirit at Harrisburg is the root of everyone,” said HHS junior Gracen Johnson. “For the most part, we get people to come by encouraging the underclassmen to not miss out on the high school experience at football games. It is so rewarding when the football team wins and you cheered them on the whole game! Everyone is loud and proud at the football games because we represent such a talented football team.”

An LHS Crazy feels differently. 

“First of all, the Lincoln student section comes up with original chants and cheers every game. Especially in volleyball games, we are very reactive to what is going on in the game. I also think it’s cool how people from all different activities come and support each activity. It is really cool to have activities supporting each other,” said LHS senior Marisa Weinzetl. “The main way that I’ve found to get people involved is to just have fun with it. Yelling at students will not help participation, but actively showing the school spirit and having a good time myself can help set that atmosphere and make others want to join. Like any good English teacher says, `show don’t tell.’”

The LHS student section never fails to fill the stands from the bottom to the top at every single game this year, with students from each class participating and cheering. On the other hand, HHS students feel there’s more to a student section than just the large size.

“Since our entire district is dedicated to only our high school, we have unique cheers that set us apart from the other student sections. Out of all schools, HHS actively engages in multiple forms of cheering throughout the entire game as opposed to only at breaks or amazing plays. We feel as though our section is always fun and has a positive environment. Harrisburg runs it!” said a group of seniors at HHS. “We have so much school spirit that has been instilled throughout all levels of Harrisburg education. Since we have a successful football team it becomes easy to get loud. Despite having a smaller number of students, our cheerleaders, staff, football players and seniors never fail to get everyone to participate.”

There is no “winner” to this competition, but students can battle it out across the field against a different school every week. Everyone can see for themselves which school deserves to take their student section victory, back home. Let’s just hope their football team can match their energy.