The fresh food trucks of Sioux Falls


Taylor Schmitz

You can find The Big Orange Food Truck and many of the others on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor

With new luxurious restaurants and popular food chains opening, the true hidden gems of Sioux Falls are often overlooked: food trucks. These businesses are run by the most dedicated owners and offer unique cuisines and flavors you would not normally see at mainstream eateries. Not only is the food delicious and fresh, but the trucks also provide a chance to support local businesses. Here are some of the food trucks you do not want to miss out on:

  1. Backyard BBQ

This fan-favorite food truck features classic American BBQ along with various other comfort foods such as cornbread, potato salad and mac ‘n cheese. They use hickory, cherry and applewood to smoke their meats for up to 12 hours in order to achieve the taste customers know and love. The business also caters and has three sit-down restaurants located throughout Sioux Falls and Brookings.

     2. The Big Orange Food Truck

In the mood for a hot dog? The Big Orange Food Truck has got you covered with their “legendary wieners”. While their menu often changes, you can expect the truck to always have their famous chislic, fries and cheese curds. To see when you can savor your own delicious meal, check out their website.

     3. Watecha Bowl

Owner Lawrence West brings traditional Native American food with a carnival twist to Sioux Falls with his extensive menu. Indian tacos, soup, frybread and burgers are only a couple of the tasty dishes you can try at his establishment. If you happen to miss the truck, feel free to check out his recently opened restaurant on Madison Street.

     4. Boki Gelato

This one-of-a-kind food truck mainly serves gelato and European street food. Customers love their gourmet waffles, caramel corn, macaroons and affogato. You can also visit the eatery at their kiosk in the mall or at their location on Phillips Ave.

     5. Tacos de Gringo

This food truck specializes in Latin-inspired cuisines with its menu mainly featuring tacos, quesadillas and burritos. The business also sells its famous Triple Threat Gringo Sauce that brings intense flavor to any edible creation. You can enjoy these fresh flavors often as the truck is frequently at various events throughout the Sioux Falls and Brandon areas.

    6. Windy City Bites

Dashawn and Samantha Lewis opened their food truck to bring Chicago-style dishes with Jamaican influence to Sioux Falls. Their unique menu started out small with hot dogs and pizza puffs and has since grown to include signature Chicago Vintner’s chips, Maxwell Street Polishes and much more.

Food trucks are a convenient and fun way to enjoy the nice weather with friends and family, especially with colder days approaching. So, next time you are hungry for a bite to eat, opt for the tasty dishes of local food trucks.