Weinzetl takes the crown


Ella Grimm

“I would love to be known for being kind and being there for everyone in the student body because everybody deserves to be seen and feel seen,” said Weinzetl.

Ella Grimm, Staff Writer

The average LHS student or staff member could agree the crystal-clear genuineness of senior Marisa Weinzetl is what stands out the most. She authentically wants people to know that she is attentive to them as a friend, but most importantly, her care for people  grows greater than herself. The crown of the class should be given to someone beautiful on the outside but also stunning on the inside. Weinzetl does not disappoint. 

On Sept. 14th, 2021, LHS hosted their annual homecoming royalty ceremony to crown both the king and queen of the 2022 class. Weinzetl was crowned queen because of her generous smile and her outstanding academic achievements. Portraying a distinctive identity with an infectious spirit, as Weinzetl does, is not easily done. 

“I don’t necessarily feel like I deserved to win. I’m friends with all the ladies and honestly I would have been so okay with any of them winning,” said Weinzetl. “For me it was such an honor to win this position knowing that all the ladies I ran up against are so awesome, so amazing and so kind and talented, all in their own respective ways… for me it’s such an honor to know that I did have such great competition.”

Her graciousness runs deep. The way Weinzetl carries her attitude makes her deserving of her title. Not only did LHS have high expectations for their Homecoming queen, but they achieved greatness with Weinzetl.

“I just like making friends… I like to talk to people and I like to feel seen and heard, so I try to be that for other people; especially in today’s age, people just need someone to say hi to and someone to just listen, and so I try to be that as often as possible,” said Weinzetl. “I have a lot of connections with kids who don’t feel like they fit in at Lincoln, from people who maybe don’t have a wing of the school to call home.”

The stereotypical Homecoming queen is the most popular girl at school. She holds her chin to the sky and believes wholeheartedly she is 100% deserving of the title before she receives it. Weinzetl holds herself differently than that. She reaches out to the people who truly need her. She is a helping hand for not only the top dogs of the school but also those who need a person to care.

“When I was called, my heart jumped to the moon… I could have walked away from it with any of the other girls winning and been completely satisfied with everything and not many people can say that they have been in my same position… To be involved in something that’s greater than our class and something that’s bigger than just right now that has gone on for years is just so crazy,” said Weinzetl. 

Again, what a true honor to have Weinzetl as the 2021 LHS Homecoming queen. 

“I would love to be known for being kind and being there for everyone in the student body because everybody deserves to be seen and feel seen,” said Weinzetl.