A step in the right direction



Here is an example of the national letter of intent.

Carter Ericson, Staff Writer

Senior year is full of many big moments for student-athletes, one of these moments could be committing to play a sport in college. 

Recently many students have made this big choice, two student-athletes who have committed are Luke Honner for men’s golf at SDSU and Cameron Jackson for men’s basketball at BHSU. As athletes begin looking at schools and talking to coaches, a lot more goes into committing than one sees from an outside perspective. 

For Honner, SDSU was an immediate good option because of its impressive facilities for improving his golf skills. At SDSU, there is an indoor putting green and simulator that are open to the golfers 24/7. These amenities will come in handy and be a great advantage when winter comes around. Before committing, Honner had to take a visit and spend time with the coaches to know if SDSU was a good fit for him in the long run. Honner finalized his decision on Nov. 10. 

“I was feeling relieved to have the process of deciding on a college over with and excited and motivated to golf at a higher level,” said Honner.

For Jackson, BHSU was also a good option right away, it had everything he wanted in a college. He liked the idea of not being too far away from home along with having the major he wanted and being located in the Black Hills. His interest in the school started when he went to a camp last summer there and the coaches and team there wanted to stay in touch with him about his future. After the coaches from BHSU came to a few of his tournaments, he received an offer to play on their basketball team. 

“My interest in the school grew as I knew it was right for me and I ended up calling the coach and making it official that I wanted to be a Yellow Jacket,” said Jackson. 

As Honner and Jackson finalized their decisions and head into the future, they can feel confident that they chose the right school for them to grow in their sports. Both athletes can look back at LHS as they improve to remember where it all started.