‘Anything Goes’


Lydia Nelson

This is a look of what her podcast looks like and this particular episode is about quality over quantity. She talks about how she used to buy a whole bunch of really thin and cheap, easily rippable clothes. But now she buys second hand good quality clothes to help combat the amount of clothes that end up in landfills.

Lydia Nelson, Staff Writer

Boredom. Boredom is the most annoying feeling, that feeling of not knowing what to do, and resorting to laying in bed after school for hours on end scrolling through social media. Emma Chamberlain’s podcast “Anything Goes” is anything but boring.
Chamberlain is a 19-year old influencer that originally started getting fame on YouTube and by making videos. Now her platform of almost 11 million followers can watch her on YouTube but also listen to her podcast episodes. She lives in Los Angeles with her two cats Declan & Frankie.
Many times, podcasts are dull and drag on about things that do not affect teenagers and young adults in the real world. But Chamberlain’s episodes ranging from advice sessions to how growing up as an only child can affect people in the long run,  they are just so interesting and are the perfect podcast to listen to while doing homework or going on a walk in the morning.
¨I listen to this podcast while doing chores, doing homework or when I just want to relax. I have found that it is a great way to unwind and hope to make it a part of my weekly routine,¨ said Juja Han on Greyhound.org, reviewing her podcast.
All of the different ideas and perspectives that she talks about in her podcast episodes are so relatable in a teenage girl’s mind and what girls think about on a daily basis. In addition to the relatableness of her podcasts, she is real and not afraid to talk about her period, acne, or mental health. She is blunt, and she does not care about the assumptions that people make about her life and herself.
¨Seeing someone I look up to facing and talking about the same issues I deal with on a regular basis is really eye-opening. It can be really easy to go on social media and see famous influencers and forget that they are human beings just like we are. I appreciate that Emma uses her platform to show people that being a celebrity does not mean her life is perfect. Through her podcast and her different social media accounts, Emma is always raw and honest with her audience,¨ said Han.
Overall, Chamberlain´s podcast is delightful to listen to and very calming. Her episodes cover several moods that one can be in. They are inspiring and a good reminder that not everyone and everything is perfect in life. Definitely recommend trying the podcast out in ones free time.