Chick-fil-A’s seasonal peppermint chip milkshake review


Kate Tollinger

I highly recommend trying out Chick-fil-A’s special holiday milkshake, you will not be disappointed.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

With the holiday season approaching, many Sioux Falls restaurants are engaging in the holiday spirit by bringing back seasonal menu items. Chick-fil-A being one of them, has returned their seasonal holiday milkshake to the menu. This milkshake has been popping up on my TikTok page and I have seen it advertised all over the place. I am a huge fan of Chick-fil-A’s vanilla milkshake, and when I heard they added a peppermint twist to it for the holiday season, I was bound to try it. 

Chick-fil-A’s peppermint chip milkshake is a hand-spun, festive, peppermint-flavored shake made with their very own ice cream that features chips of peppermint bark, and is topped off with whipped cream. I had really high hopes for this milkshake, due to the fact that all other menu items have never disappointed. The 33-minute wait for my milkshake was a bit irritating, but I knew making the choice to go through the typical extremely long Chick-fil-A drive-through was my own fault. 

The cost of the milkshake was $4.29, but with tax the total was $4.61. Since it is a holiday special milkshake it is a bit more costly than their typical chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or cookies and cream flavors. When being served my milkshake, the customer service was very friendly and it made me even more excited to review the shake. 

The first sip I took immediately hit me with a sharp peppermint flavor. All throughout the shake, even on my last sip, I was still being hit with the peppermint-bark chips that came up the straw. That is what sold me on this shake. Usually when places use their mixing machines they never fully get it all mixed together, and there is always a layer of plain ice cream towards the bottom. With that being said, my overall rating for the shake is 9.46/10 due to its intense flavor of peppermint, the thickness and its consistency of add-ins throughout. What could have made it a 10/10 would be some Oreos crushed in, a white chocolate drizzle or even a cherry on top. I will say the shake was fairly small compared to other shake places around Sioux Falls, but for the cost and the quality, I will definitely be re-purchasing.