How I organize my life


Kate Tollinger

A glimpse of how I organized the month of November in my planner.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

Ever since I can remember, I have always been proud of the organizational skills that I have gathered over the years. For me, the word “organize” can range from my day-to-day to-do list to my t-shirt drawer. However, being organized it is not the need to have everything perfectly arranged or cleaned every day, it is instead that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of doing what I can to tidy up my life. I am grateful to say that I never really lack the interest or motivation of organizing something. Unpacking from a trip, planning a big week or deep cleaning my car are just some of the ways that I help myself stay organized. 

Planners. Step one of how I organize my life. A planner has been the basis of my daily organization for years now and probably will be for the rest of my life. It all started when I got to middle school. Every student was handed an average size school planner to use. Most kids hardly used them and I often felt weird if I wanted to use mine. My very first planner was covered in fun tape and I used it nearly every day to write down my homework. Here we are, six planners later and I still use the same format and organizational ways to plan.

Another big part of keeping my life organized is my mindset. I feel like I am constantly keeping my mind on a schedule. I use my planner to physically write out my day, week and month, but a mental checklist also helps me stay organized. The mindset of sticking to my goals and keeping myself on a routine is how my life stays organized just the way I want it. 

Sticking to a routine also plays a huge part in my organized lifestyle. I try to follow my routine every day to stay organized or at least to feel like I am organized. A big tip that has helped me organize my life is prioritizing organization for small tasks such as my Google Drive or closet, to make me feel like I have the big tasks organized too. Organization allows me to feel like my best self and that is why I make it a huge priority in my life. Like everyone else, my days do not look the same but completing the little tasks each day guides me to have a more organized mindset. 

I am the first to say that my life is not perfectly organized. Over the years I have had to learn that events come up and I can not strictly plan out every single hour of my day. Realizing that my day will never be perfectly planned out was the first step in assembling my life to seem more organized. A good planner, a consistent mindset and a solid routine are what lead me to have an orderly organized lifestyle.