Queen’s Gambit takes on St. Louis


Youth in Music

LHS marching band attends their annual trip to St. Louis for the Bands Of America competition.

Anna Anderson, Staff Writer

Nearly five months of painstaking hard work, countless hours of practice and determination unlike any other, the LHS marching band attended the annual Bands of America competition in St. Louis, Missouri. After days of restless nights and hundreds of kids packed on charter buses, the LHS marching band students not only brought home an 11th place title, but memories that will last a lifetime. 

The band embarked on their 13 hour journey to St. Louis on Oct. 22, 2021, buzzing with excitement the whole way. On Oct. 23, 2021, the band performed their first show, placing them in the finals competition. This was a crucial moment for so many and a breakthrough for the LHS marching band as a whole. 

“Me and the other seniors’ freshman year [BOA competition] was definitely one to remember,” said senior Issac Shelton. “We didn’t get into finals by .075 of a point. The band that beat us out that year for finals was our biggest competition in the region, Rosemount High School.” 

This season, Lincoln not only proved themselves to be valid competitors for their rivals, but proved to others that they will only get better from here.

Despite the looming effect of the pandemic on the band’s travels and performances, the liveliness and sense of excitement among the student body remained stronger than ever.

 “We really understood the effect of this show on the people watching it once we performed at our first football game,” said Shelton. “The crowd went completely wild for the singing, guitar playing, memorable melodies and the energy the show was giving.” 

Gathering the right momentum from other LHS students, the marching band was able to place higher than they ever have before at a BOA competition. 


In addition to making LHS marching band history in St. Louis, they were able to compensate for lost time due to the pandemic and to create memories to close out this season in their lives. Making stops in Kansas City and Omaha on the way back, it was nothing short of a fun time.

 “Since we missed out on a trip last year, the band went to two stops on the way back. We stopped at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City and The Omaha Zoo,” said Shelton. “Overall this was the most amazing trip any senior could have asked for, and  a perfect send off into the next phase in our lives.”