Worst items to carry at school



High school is where many embarrassing moments take place, many of which are in the hallways.

Gabie McConnell and Allison Kolling

Walking through the halls with anything except a backpack can create a high level of embarrassment in any high schooler’s head. Even though no one is probably staring at you, it always feels like everyone is. 

  1. On a rainy day, one only has two options, get drenched walking into school or have to carry an umbrella into school- both super embarrassing. If you choose the umbrella option, you then have to stand in the entryway to close your umbrella and walk through the halls with a sizable drippy umbrella. 
  2. I think we can all agree that carrying a school project through the halls makes inner embarrassment levels skyrocket. Whether it’s a poster board or trifold, all the eyes just seem to lead towards you. 
  3. Bringing birthday treats seems like all rainbows and butterflies until everyone has to watch you get two giant boxes of cupcakes through the halls. Not to mention everyone asking you if they can have one. But you say no, since you are afraid you might drop them if you try to open the box and because you would stand out like a sore thumb just chillin’ in the middle of the hall during the passing period. 
  4. The crinkle as you swing a plastic bag through the halls can make anyone feel self-conscious. The feeling of “all eyes on you” sets in as the sound of the bag seems to grow seemingly louder. Extra embarrassment points if it’s a Walmart plastic bag. 
  5. Whether it is the bulkiness of a winter coat or the thought of having to carry it around all day, winter coats, for whatever reason, are seen as embarrassing to wear to school. Even if it is cold, some may choose that over the embarrassment of hauling a winter coat around. 
  6. Most can agree the school lunch is anything but gourmet. Other than popcorn chicken, there are not many particularly appetizing options. This is why some choose to pack their own lunches. However, there is something about having to carry a lunchbox around all day that makes one embarrassed.