5 new holiday movies



Netflix offers a range of holiday movies including both new and classic films.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor

It is finally that time of year when the Christmas movie-watching marathon begins. Providing a plentiful supply this year are new releases from Netflix, Disney and of course, Hallmark. Here are just five of the must-watch holiday movies for 2021.

  1. “Love Hard”

First premiering on Netflix on Nov. 5, 2021, this movie puts an interesting twist on the traditional Christmas rom-com. Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev) is a writer from L.A. who decides to travel to the East Coast to meet her soulmate, Josh (played by Jimmy O. Yang) whom she met online. However, when she arrives in New York she quickly realizes that she has been catfished. Hope prevails for Natalie as Josh agrees to set her up with the guy in his pictures on one condition: she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for the holidays.

      2. “Home Sweet Home Alone”

Disney’s new movie, “Home Sweet Home Alone” features much of what audiences have loved in the past five movies of the infamous series. This year’s film stars Archie Yates, who plays Max Mercer, a mischievous kid who loves all things pranks and antics. When his family’s flight to Tokyo is split up, Max is fittingly left behind and has no choice but to defend his home from a couple trying to steal a family heirloom.

      3. “Father Christmas is Back”

This Netflix film features a dysfunctional family, including four daughters who could not be more different. After years of feuding, the family has decided to reunite at their Yorkshire mansion on Christmas. Their father, who abandoned them years ago during the holidays, pays them a surprise visit that leads to discovering the secret that tore their family apart. Making its debut on Nov. 7, 2021, holiday film fanatics are already able to watch this much-anticipated movie.

      4. “One December Night”

Making its original debut on Nov 13, 2021, this Hallmark holiday movie ventures out of the normal rom-com genre, since it is one of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films. The movie stars Peter Gallagher and Bruce Campbell who play a retired country-rock singing duo who ended their music career rockily 10 years ago. This Christmas, however, the two will be forced to come together again to perform a Christmas concert, and it’s up to their respective children to get the two feuding singers on the same page.

     5. “A Boy Called Christmas”

Categorized as a fantasy/family movie, this film recently came out on Netflix on Nov. 24, 2021. In the movie, Henry Lawfull (who plays Nikolas) decides to embark on a snowy expedition in search of his father who left to find Elfhelm, the village of the elves. This film is great for kids as Nikolas and his trusty reindeer and pet mouse encounter many adventures on their exciting journey.

Whether you enjoy comedy, adventure, or the classic Hallmark rom-com holiday films, streaming services have got you covered this year. For more must-watch titles, check out Entertainment Weekly’s list of 146 new Christmas movies.