LHS Winter Formal


Melissa Sand

Four friends pose for the camera at the 2021 LHS Winter Formal.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer

As we approach the Christmas season, many look forward to all the activities the winter months bring such as the Winter Formal here at LHS.

LHS hosts two dances: Formal and senior class prom, since sadly the Spinsters dance has been canceled. With COVID-19 taking over the past two years, this year’s dance will be the first Formal in the past year, making it an extra special affair. Together the Student Council has worked diligently to plan the night for all of the student body to enjoy complete with music, games and decorations. Most attend the event in dresses or a suit-type outfit as formal attire is recommended. Students even have the opportunity to bring an out-of-school date as long as they are signed up and under 21, making the dance a very inclusive event, complete with a coat and shoe check for optimal dancing. 

In my experience, Formal is a great time to hang out with friends or a date having the opportunity to attend such a fun school event. In most cases, boys ask girls, sometimes even with a large sign with some memorable joke or punch line. For me, one of the most fun parts of attending Formal is picking out my dress and then getting ready with all of my friends, getting all fancy and spiffy. After getting ready, my group usually goes to a place for pictures either at someone’s house or someplace random to capture the night; although stressful the pictures end up being worth it. 

Attendees can plan a dinner somewhere nice where they can enjoy a fine meal with good company before heading to the dance. In past years, my groups have dined at Grille 26, Turks and Caicos and Spezia, which were some of the fancier options in the past. At the dance, however, we spend time dancing all night with friends and classmates to loud and upbeat music in the transformed winter-themed gym. Formal is a memorable night and although it is very worth it, planning can be a large hassle, especially if you are a part of a very big group. In my opinion, planning a while in advance is the easiest way to ensure a great night that goes smoothly. Getting reservations and finding an ideal place for pictures takes some effort so working with the rest of your group and/or date to prepare is definitely recommended. However, I just encourage anyone to go to the dance no matter how interested one is in dances, as it can be a very unforgettable night in one’s high school career. No matter how you plan or go about Formal, the dance is a great way for students to be involved in socializing with other students at an exciting event here at our own school.