Mysteries behind ‘Folklore’


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Screenshot of Taylor Swift’s folklore album in 2020 stating, “A mere 11 months passed between the release of Lover and it’s surprise follow-up, but seems like a lifetime.”

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Every couple of years, people’s favorite artists come with album after album, giving their fans that feeling of fulfillment and excitement as they play the new songs on repeat, adding them to their playlist, and sharing with their peers. 

Taylor Swift’s albums never fail to get thousands of streams from adoring fans. She’s constantly creating new music with many surprises with teenagers living through her lyrics. 

It was quite a surprise when Swift came out with another two albums in under one year. Swiftie fans were in shock, even though they all probably knew it was coming after digging deep into her life gathering as much information about future projects as they can. 

Swift’s album “Lover” came out in August of 2019, followed by “Folklore” in July of 2020. Once the pandemic of COVID-19 hit, Swift completely shut her life off and kept everything to herself, doors locked. Some say that being in isolation, the pop star was able to clear her head and start on a clean slate. With all the time on her hands, she seemed to have lots of ideas and flowing imagination when writing what is now her eighth album, “Folklore.” 

This album is not like her others. Even though Swift came from the Nashville, country music scene, she has always had some pop influence in her music. “Folklore” brought fans the emotional indie Taylor Swift album they didn’t know they needed. It was the complete opposite from any of her other works, the heart of storytelling. 

Swift enjoys bringing the past into her music and showing it in her lyrics. She likes to change lyrics up from previous songs from past albums and insert them into her newest music in a new way. For instance, in her song “mad woman” she uses the line, “And women like hunting witches too” which takes everyone back to her “Reputation” era where she used similar lyrics, such as “They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one,” from“I Did Something Bad.” 

Swifties fans are known for digging in deep and finding all the easter eggs in Swift’s music and artists, pulling out truths and sharing them with the world. A lot of fans interpret her song, “Betty” as an autobiography. The fans analyzed her music more saying that the two other characters mentioned in the song, James and Ines, are also the names of the two daughters of Swift’s friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (New York Times). This shows her real-life combining with her music that fans have been able to point out. No matter what the truth is, Swift’s new album has plenty of mystery and connections that no one saw coming.