New books in the LHS library: December selections


Mary Peters

The LHS library has an always changing list of new titles in all genres.

Daniel Bethke, Editor-in-Chief

The LHS library has an always changing list of new titles in all genres. This month, LHS librarian Mary Peters offers some of her favorite selections among the books new to our library.

That Weekend by Kara Thomas

Genre: Mystery

What was supposed to be the perfect prom weekend getaway, turns terribly wrong when Claire wakes up all alone on a hiking trail, covered with blood and having no memory of what has happened in the last forty-eight hours.

Everyone is looking for answers, but Claire doesn’t have them. She remembers what happened Friday night, but after that it is all a blur. Claire needs to remember because her best friends, Kat and Jesse, who were with her on the trip are missing.

Clair knows the answers are in her memory but as she looks for answers she starts to learn that there are things she didn’t know and that a lot of people were keeping secrets, and the more she digs the more she realizes she might not like what she is starting to remember.


The Girl’s I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Genre: Suspense/Realistic

Growing up the daughter of a con-artist is not easy. Nora O’Malley’s has had to be a lot of differently girls growing up, especially when her mother was training her to be just like her. When mom fall for her latest mark instead of conning him, Nora realized enough was enough and she pulled off the greatest con her life, escape from her mother and the life she hates.

Five years later Nora’s has been living a normal, or at least “playing” a normal life, but when she becomes a hostage in a bank robbery her old life might have to make a comeback to help her, and her friends escape. Playing a con to the robbers might not even be the hardest part though, coming clean about her past to her best friend might just be worse.

Sooley by John Grisham

Genre: Sports/Realistic

Seventeen-year-old Samuel Sooleymon, is getting a the chance of a lifetime: a trip to the United States to play in a showcase basketball tournament. Growing up in South Sudan, he has never been away from home, never been on an airplane and never experienced anything like he is about to. In the US he will have the opportunity to be scouted by numerous college coaches, which would be a dream come true for anyone but especially for a young man like Sooley.

Samuel is an outstanding athlete, with speed and amazing vertical leap, but the other parts of this game, are not as good and need work. At first the American coaches are not impressed whatsoever. Then during the tournament distressing news comes from home, a civil war is raging across South Sudan, and rebel troops have raided his village. Sooley finds out his father is dead, his sister is missing, and his mother and two younger brothers are in a refugee camp, and suddenly basketball isn’t so important and Samuel desperately wants to go home. Going home is not possible though, so somewhat out of sympathy, a coach at North Carolina Central offers him a scholarship. Even though Samuel doesn’t expect to play has something no other player has: a fierce willpower to succeed so he can bring his family to America. He works determinedly on his game, shooting baskets every morning by himself, and soon he’s dominating everyone in practice. With the Central team losing and suffering injury after injury, Sooley is called off the bench, and it begins. How far can one boy like Sooley really take his team and if he finds success will it allow him to save his family?

There is much to learn from and much to enjoy in each book in the LHS library, particularly in those on this list; do not hesitate to check out a title!