Something is fishy about people who like seafood


(Aileen Devlin | Virignia Sea Gr

Never in my right mind would I look at something like this and want to eat it.

Clare Heupel, Staff Writer

While I am starting to grow from my “picky eater” ways, there is a point that I will never be able to cross, and that point is seafood.

It does not matter what people say to try to convince me that seafood is good; I will never be able to believe it. The very thought of putting something in my mouth that had been living in the ocean its whole life is exceptionally unpleasant. I can taste the seawater in every bite. Who knows what was in that water? Fish feces, no doubt. I am also aware that barn animals such as pigs or cows are not the most hygienic mammals globally. Still, their diet of grains and grass is seemingly more pleasurable to consume than a fish who had been living in dirty water.

Some people reading this are probably thinking, But I like the taste of seafood, and I’m here to break the news that your brain is lying to you. There is no way someone can taste a slimy, scaly fish and actually think it tastes good. Oh, and to people that like raw fish, as in sushi, are you crazy? Raw fish? In what universe would that sound like a good thing to eat? Imagine the insane amount of bacteria that you are voluntarily putting in your body. I would never be caught eating raw meat, let alone raw fish. Maybe I am just not cultured enough to get the hype around seafood, but maybe people who like seafood have just been brainwashed to think they like it.

I can’t even comprehend why someone would choose to eat lobster. Have you ever seen a lobster? They are actual crustaceans. Some people walk into a grocery store, see the lobsters swimming in those tanks, and think, Yes, that is what I will eat for dinner. Lobsters are not even simple to eat; you have to crack open their shells and pull the meat out from the inside. All that effort for some mediocre crustacean meat. I am sure that humans have evolved beyond the need to eat lobsters. 

I know that some areas of the world heavily rely on the seafood market, and I respect that way of life. However, given a choice between dining out on fish or beef, I will always, without hesitation, choose beef.