All about Herbalife in Sioux Falls


Phoebe Brown

Pictured here are the Herbalife Nutrition tea concentrates as well as the lift-off packets used for making energizing teas.

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer

These days, one of the hottest spots in Sioux Falls for all ages is Fit Revolution Nutrition located near Lincoln on Minnesota Ave., where yummy protein shakes and teas are sold for fueling and energizing one’s body. While Fit Rev has been a great option for the community over the last few years, similar places have opened up selling the same Herbalife products with the same goal. 

The Herbalife nutrition was designed to be used as a healthy meal replacement with shakes and supplements in teas to boost metabolism and allow for weight loss due to a decrease in calorie intake. Herbalife nutrition, the company, sells their product to distributors through a discount to be sold for profit when they create their chain of Herbalife stores. The Herbalife company provides a great business opportunity to those looking to open their own business selling shakes and teas. The brand features many different items including aloe products, nutritional supplements, tea products, protein bars and snacks and of course, their coined item, the protein shakes used for meal replacement. 

Fit Revolution nutrition offers a wide selection of options for customers to pick from. Choose a tea from the energy drinks ranging from a hefty $5-$7.50 along with a shake from the original menu featuring your classic flavors as well as the upgraded shake for a little extra. Each base shake offers 24 grams of protein with just 200 calories for a healthy meal replacement packed with minerals and vitamins. 

If you’re looking to branch out from Fit Rev, there are plenty of other options located around Sioux Falls for convenience. Wave 26 nutrition located on 26th street, Refuel on Louise, Mission Nutrition on 49th, Starting Block Nutrition on 41st and Rev Up Nutrition in Tea. Each select store offers similar products including the protein shakes and teas many have come to love, although flavor selections vary between each individual store. These shake and tea stores have become a huge phenomenon across the country, mixing both healthy living and a fun meal replacement for anyone to enjoy. Treat yourself and go explore the great options Sioux Falls offers for a unique twist on a good meal with benefits for you and your body.