Blood, sweat and tears behind the camera



Season two of Cheer is in the Top 10 on Netflix today.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Switching from social media and TV world to their real-life, Navarro cheerleaders constantly have cameras in their faces so viewers can watch and listen to every piece of drama that goes on. But is this drama really that big of a deal, or is it just the real world coming out from behind the 14 trophies these national champions have worked for? 

Netflix brings out the competitiveness and more sporty side through their new show “Cheer.” Many go into the show not knowing very much about cheer, then soon learn that these college students from Corsicana, TX, mix blood and sweat to prove themselves at the national championship in Daytona, FL. This sporting series sets a new bar in documentary filmmaking.  

Every episode of “Cheer” is filled with drama about the college students and the real hurt they put their bodies through. The show digs deep into many athletes’ lives starting from who their family is, where they came from, and how they are still trying to achieve their dream. It brings to the surface how the parents of these athletes do nothing but help their kid get to be an all-star. They have the talent to show the world. 

Watching “Cheer” gives a different outlook on the sport and gives cheerleading a sense of respect. What these cheerleaders go through mentally and physically to prepare for a two and a half minutes is just like any other sport preparing for their game. Scene after scene shows injuries of the athletes, them pushing through it, recovering for a little bit, then getting thrown back in the air. This is their life. 

Season one of the show was a hit. Season two on the other hand is almost a whole different story. The first minute of the show opens up with scandals, social media, how the athletes got to go on “Ellen” and “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as going on the red carpet at the Oscars. Most of these Navarro cheerleaders are Instagram influencers and TikTok stars. Going to college just to cheer has turned into a full-time job and many don’t know how it really affects them. 

Not only does the fame and social media affect the cheerleaders’ lives, but COVID-19 strikes in season two, and these cheerleaders have to learn to cope with quarantine and everything shutting down. This season brings out a lot of athletes’ true colors and everything they do to make it back to that stage for nationals in Daytona, FL.