Crisp & Green

Give Crisp & Green a try at 2101 W 41st St Unit 51, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Allison Kolling

Give Crisp & Green a try at 2101 W 41st St Unit 51, Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Allison Kolling, Staff Writer

The Crisp & Green food chain, known for its salads and grain bowls, opened in Sioux Falls on July 17, 2021. This week I decided to give it a try after hearing multiple friends’ positive thoughts and feelings on the food and atmosphere. 

I decided to go over my lunch period, as it is located in the Western Mall on 41st, so it was a fast enough trip from school to have time to enjoy the food. Right as I walked in, I noticed the simplicity of the atmosphere managing to make the location bright and welcoming. I was intrigued by the white and green color palette of the whole inside and lit-up words with positive sayings on the walls. To order my food I approached the counter and had a friendly employee ask what I would like. 

I decided to get a “THAI & STOP ME” salad because I love Asian Cuisine and anything that involves shrimp. The salad included arugula, mixed greens, citrus shrimp, orange slices, daikon radish, napa cabbage, carrot, basil, mint, cilantro, peanuts, lime squeeze and thai peanut dressing. As I went to pay, the salad cost $15.50, which probably sounds like a lot of money for just some dressed up lettuce, but I must admit the price was worth the taste. The location also has healthy lemonades, smoothies and teas instead of a common fountain pop machine and of course the option of water. 

I was pleasantly pleased with the great flavors in the salad and managed to eat the whole salad before heading back to school. My only complaint with the salad was that the dressing was a bit spicy to my liking, but overall the rest of the salad overrode my minor complaint. Because of my minor issue with the salad, I would give it a 9/10. Next time I will definitely have to try another salad to get another perspective on all of the options Crisp & Green provides. 

Overall, the location is glowing and can make almost anyone excited to try out a salad, especially with all of the unique options they have. The food met my expectations and had great employees to set a standard for other restaurants and franchises. If you are looking for a new healthy option to try out, I would absolutely recommend Crisp & Green.