How to 2022


Joy Bilal

Writing in a journal reduces stress and anxiety, improves writing skills and helps you track your goals.

Joy Bilal, Staff Writer

With a wonderful year ahead of us, speaking it into existence, there are many amazing things to look forward to and plan. I often look at Dec. 26-31 as the days where I can openly reminisce on what that year had to offer me: if I stayed on top of my goals and did what January 2021 “me” had envisioned as the months went on. Well, it’s 2022 now, so why not come up with new aspirations and ideas to help stay on top of, achieve and conquer goals this year. Here are some ideas that you can add to your 2022 agenda. Disclaimer: this is not your regular fitness “drink eight gallons of water everyday” type of list. 

  1. Start a Journal.

From experience, journaling became a separate space for me where I can empty out my ongoing thoughts. From school, relationships, sports and my everyday life experiences that I go through. Good or bad, my journal was there for me and not judging me on whatever I chose to write down. The health benefits when it comes to journaling are powerful. It is proven journaling is an “incredible stress management tool, a habit that lessens the impact of physical stressors on your health,” according to Intermountain Healthcare. Journaling can also evoke mindfulness and help your brain regulate your emotions. I advise those of you who don’t have a journal to buy one ASAP. It’s also fun to see where your mind was at the beginning of the year emotionally, mentally and physically as to where it is on Dec. 31, 2022, because you journaled it along.

  1. Say “no” (Set your boundaries)

Some might look at themselves as a people-pleaser and to be the “yes” man/woman, putting other people’s needs before their own. Learning how to set boundaries can improve your relationships with people and yourself, according to Psychology Today. Learning how to say no is important for you so you’re not exhausted and living up to people’s demands and wants vs. your own. When you start saying no, people have clarity as to what they can expect from you according to Good Therapy. When you do this, be confident and clear. Live unapologetically this new year.


“Write your vision and make it plain.” You can make a vision board simply by putting together a physical collection of words, quotes, magazine pieces and small affirmations onto a board. Topics you might want to touch on with your vision board for the new year are things like your relationships, career and financing, education, spiritual life, social life, health and any other personal growth subjects. When you are done you can hang it somewhere you know you will be reminded of your goals daily. For example, in your home, locker or office. This helps keep your mind and mentality on the plans you have desired for yourself and want to see prosper. 

  1. Have Fun!

With all the crazy the previous years have thrown at us, count on this year to be the year where you let loose, but still keep your priorities in check. Turn off CNN, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” social media and get out and explore. I know that sounds cheesy, but seriously it’s essential. Give your mind a break. There is only so much we can take in that we need to let out. You can do this by going on a walk with friends downtown or on the bike trails, go to see a movie, have dinners and go skydiving! Make 2022 a year where you achieve your goals and have an adventure to remember.