“Hello Nasty” pizza straight from downtown’s Pizza Cheeks. Try it today! (Henry Haft)
“Hello Nasty” pizza straight from downtown’s Pizza Cheeks. Try it today!

Henry Haft

Pizza Cheeks

January 10, 2022

Unfamiliar to most, Pizza Cheeks is a local pizza maker selling pizza by the slice in the back of The Hello Hi bar in downtown Sioux Falls. The shop features classic cheese, pepperoni and veggie pizzas, along with six specialty pizzas on the opening menu, including meatball, margarita and taco pizzas. This shop was opened by the same owners of Bread and Circus. 

Pizza Cheeks opens at 4 p.m. and is open even until 1 a.m. to give Sioux Falls pizza lovers a feel for the big cities. The bar can be accessed through the front door (if you’re over 21) on 120 and S Phillips Ave. or through the backdoor on the other side of the block.

This pizza is absolutely phenomenal; the ingredients and flavors of this pie are life-changing. The shop gives off exquisite vibes with the retro 90’s pink neon lights and the bumping music from the bar next door. I had a difficult time writing this review because the pictures of the pizza were making me hungry and distracting me. 

In the pizza wasteland of South Dakota, Pizza Cheeks gives the closest thing to New York-style slices I’ve tasted. The cuts are thin, bendable and have a rich flavor profile but are not overpowering or doughy. The entire pie is cooked to perfection and is relatively large. The crust is refined New York-style with a decent flake but isn’t flaky, and it is crispy but chewy and perfectly blistered.

Getting a slice of pizza is always a risk. It is a reheated baked pizza, and if you receive one that has been sitting out for a long time, it may taste less fresh or have a rubbery texture. This will occur in any location that offers slices, and I’m simply thankful there’s a shop in town that offers large, tasty portions.

I loved the location, loved the small menu and loved the availability of single slices. But most of all, I loved the taste of their Hello Nasty pizza. Those mushrooms are seriously delicious! 

Overall, Pizza Cheeks receives a 10/10 from me and has earned itself the title of best pizza in Sioux Falls. I was super pleased with the service, the location and the pizza itself. Would definitely recommend it.