Kanye West drama: Lunatic or genius marketer?



West posing during his live listening party on Feb. 22, promoting the anticipated release of “Donda 2.”

Lucas Hiatt, Staff Writer

Rapper, producer and fashion designer, Ye, professionally known as Kanye West, has captured the media’s attention amidst his feuding with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and more celebrities. This has caused fans to wonder, is West just having another extended bipolar episode, or is he aiming to gain more attention in order to market the release of his new album?

For those unaware, West has recently stirred up drama with Davidson who recently began a relationship with West’s ex-wife. Kardashian has found herself caught in the crossfire of this drama as West has threatened, accused and slandered Davidson for taking his family from him. Additionally, West has now started publicly fighting with a longtime coworker, Scott Mescudi, otherwise known as Kid Cudi, who has shown support to Davidson amidst this internet scandal. 

West has publicly posted to his social media about all of these aforementioned people bringing tons of media attention to himself. Not so coincidentally, this is not the first time West has had the media’s attention accompanying the timing of a new music drop. Some of West’s biggest scandals have all happened within the month that he has released new music. For example, back in 2005 West appeared on live TV with NBC Universal to spread awareness about hurricane Katrina relief. He talked about the effects of Hurricane Katrina as well as what he thought to be the country’s mistreatment of black victims affected by the hurricane when he famously stated, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Just days before this occurred, West had released his second studio album titled, “Late Registration” which is to this day, his second-highest-grossing album. Later in 2016, his album “The Life of Pablo” was released following his public support of former U.S. President Donald Trump and his comments defending convicted sex offender, Bill Cosby. To add, in May of 2018, exactly a month before he released his EP titled “ye,” he had been under fire by the media for his comments regarding America’s history of slavery.

West now has America’s attention as the release of his new album, “Donda 2” approaches. It seems so perfect that he gains all the attention while we wait for the drop of his new music. As of Feb. 23, four of his new songs from his latest album have been released on his platform, “The Stem Player,” and fans are anticipating more. 

West continues to promote his albums through controversies and by risking his self-image in order to boost the sales and popularity of his music. So, next time there is a major controversy surrounding West, ask yourself: is he doing this simply for attention or is he doing it because he is a genius marketer?