LHS’s School Store raises its prices


Delaney Gramlick

The LHS School Store is popular among LHS students, but this may change with its rising prices.

Delaney Gramlick, Staff Writer

Inflation is being dealt with all over the county, and it has found its way into LHS’s School Store. 

The prices on all of the items in the School Store of LHS have increased, leaving students upset, but reflecting the realities of the outside world which is also facing inflation. The school store’s cookie prices, raised from one dollar for four cookies to one dollar for three cookies, have been especially upsetting to the students of LHS. LHS sophomore Jesalyn Bauder has reduced her visits to the School Store since the price increases. 

“I will probably go [to the school store] less just since the price increase made things odd prices. Example being, things that used to be a dollar are now 1.25 and that is just an odd amount for me to have laying around,” said Bauder. 

Unfortunately, these price changes are inevitable. The school Store, like any other store, has to keep up with the economy of the real world, and the real world right now is facing inflation. The School Store manager, Lori Klaudt, has worked in the school store for five years and this is the first time she has seen the entirety of the school store’s prices be affected. 

“Prices have increased on everything we sell in the School Store. We try to keep everything in the School Store affordable, but at some point we have to pass the higher prices onto our customers,” said Klaudt. 

Klaudt and the rest of the people who work in the school store try their best to ensure the most fair prices for students. Price increases and inflation are bound to happen, and when they do the school store must secure itself by increasing prices to keep up with the outside world. 

“Any price increases in the past have been minimal and we have tried hard not to increase prices for the students,” said Klaudt.

At the end of the day, an eight cent per cookie increase is not a huge ask if it ensures the School Store can remain open. 33 cent cookies are still quite cheap, and the School Store’s convenience is worth the price increases.

“This is the first time in 12 years that the School Store has raised cookie prices. When compared to other items stores sell, that is pretty amazing,” said Klaudt.