Senior stressin’


Joy Bilal

Many seniors have a long to-do list, including applying for college and scholarships, work and soaking in every last moment of high school.

Joy Bilal, Staff Writer

Four weeks into the second semester of senior year and I am stressed. I am trying to soak these last couple of months as a Patriot at LHS, but the more I think about it, the more overwhelmed and stressed I get. With having to fill out irksome scholarship applications that ask the same federal questions over and over, figuring out prom plans and graduation, it’s a difficult juggling act.

My favorite question is, “What college are you going to and what are your plans after high school?” I don’t know! By the time I got to 12th grade, I was hoping I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life because as a little girl I had dreamt of this moment, getting out of my mother’s nest and being able to be the person I was destined to be. Turns out I am not even sure who that is, but that is fine. Talking to adults and teachers, I’ve gathered that it’s okay to not know what you want to do once you walk across the stage at graduation or what you want to major in high school. 

According to Frank, “at least 80% of college students change their major throughout their college education.” This happens for all kinds of reasons. Students going into a major might have felt pressured into going into that type of study because of peers or because their parents thought that was what was best for them. Others might have developed a loss of interest as courses developed, or the campus just was not fit for them. A lot can tie into why one might change their field of study. I would rather be sure that I’m making the right decision. 

That’s not exactly how life works unless you are a time traveler. A quote from Nancy Salmeron says, “Enjoy the journey and embrace the destination when you get there.” Yes, the senior year brings all the nerves, but I learned that one should enjoy the process and trust it. Everything is working out for the good if you are staying out of trouble. You need to get your part done as a student and person in life. Put work behind your dreams. Even though this senior year has gone by in the blink of an eye, I am savoring every good moment that I can and understanding that stress from the uncertainty on life after graduation is okay; that I will become the person I need to be for myself, others and the world.  I’ll never get to stress over a prom dress, a high school graduation party, the ACT or LHS traffic ever again. The journey continues…