A game of life


Provided by Taryn Kirsch

Freshman, Taryn Kirsch playing the game she loves. One of her volleyball games in 2021.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

A game with two teams of six players. One ball. Except for this time, a set of sisters is involved. They are not against each other but work together to get the ball over the high net. This is LHS volleyball with the Kirsch sisters.

A sister is a woman who shares more than just a set of parents. It is a built-in best friend who one can cry to, laugh with and share the latest gossip. With siblings, there will always be arguing and disagreeing. So, what happens when two sisters take the court? Would they get along as much as everyone would think or does their more competitive side come out? Freshman, Taryn Kirsch, and senior, Brynn Kirsch, test the game as they play their 2021-2022 volleyball season for the first time, and last time, at LHS.

“Brynn and I get along very well for the most part but we definitely get into fights from time to time. I would say that volleyball almost brings us together and makes us even closer because of all the hours we spend at the gym together,” said Taryn. “We for sure have times where we get into arguments mid-practice but usually, we just laugh it off after a while. During this high  school season, there were some times when she would get on my nerves during games and we would exchange words but ultimately it was just because we want to see each other succeed.” 

Having an older sister on the court pushes Taryn to work harder. Playing by Taryn’s side, Brynn will always be someone to look up to. 

“Brynn has made me a better person by being a good role model in the classroom and on the court. She is a very passionate person and has taught me to be the same way,” said Taryn. “Brynn has made me a better player by being there to encourage me and push me when needed. She also is extremely knowledgeable of technique and volleyball in general, so having her around has helped me a ton.” 

Even if Brynn was not a volleyball player, Taryn knows she would have gotten into volleyball no matter what.

“My mom played volleyball when she was younger, and my dad always brought Brynn and I to all the Augie volleyball games growing up, so I think that I probably would have tried out volleyball at some point but Brynn playing definitely pushed me to play as well,” said Taryn. “I truly love volleyball and I for sure plan on playing volleyball in college. I know that volleyball will be a huge part of my life and I have thought about maybe starting my own club once I am older, but I will for sure force my kids to play the second they can walk.”

With Brynn being built-in in other parts of Tayrn’s life has many positive outcomes as well. 

“The biggest thing I’ve learned from my big sister is what a good work ethic and hard work look like. There have been times when Brynn has been shorted or discredited, and she responds to that by working even harder and pushing herself” said Taryn. “I do not think I would be the way I am today without her. I look up to Brynn in almost every aspect of my life. Brynn is a great student, athlete and person. She is extremely hard working and truly cares about the people around her.”

Brynn being in Taryn’s everyday life, including her volleyball life, has so many positive effects on where Taryn is going in the future. Volleyball has many life lessons built-in along with having the opportunity to look up to her sister and learning so much from her. 

“My biggest takeaway from volleyball would be to not be afraid to fail or make mistakes in life. Volleyball is literally a game of mistakes and it is important to not dwell on those errors but to learn from them,” said Taryn. “My biggest takeaway from playing with my sister would probably be to enjoy and appreciate every opportunity you get. Looking back at this past HS season, I wish I would have sat back and realized how cool it is that we had the chance to play together, I should have just taken it all in and enjoyed every moment.”