How various countries are aiding Ukraine


Victoria Pickering

Following the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, countries around the world have shown their support for Ukrainians as they defend their country.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor

Amidst the growing tension and war between Ukraine and Russia, an increased number of countries are becoming involved to help Ukrainian’s fight for the survival of their country. As far as the U.S. and other NATO members are concerned, they are unable to send troops to physically fight in Ukraine due to potential catastrophic complications surrounding the involvement of the alliance. However, these countries are able to send aid in other forms. Here are how numerous countries are helping Ukraine in the fight against Russia.


United States

On Feb. 25, President Joe Biden announced he would designate $350 million worth of weapons to Ukraine through the Foreign Assistance Act. This donation includes anti-armor, small arms, body armor, various munitions and anti-craft systems. Biden has also imposed numerous sanctions on Russia to increase pressure and express disapproval.


United Kingdom

The U.K. has promised to supply Ukraine with light anti-armor defensive weapon systems, as well as lethal defensive weapons. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also guaranteed up to $500 million of loans to Ukraine through Multilateral Development Banks.



Like the U.K., Canada has also announced that it plans to send $500 million to Ukraine to support its resistance against Russian forces. This is in addition to the countless military weapons they have already supplied over the past few days.



Breaking its long-standing neutrality, Switzerland announced that it would join the European Union in imposing sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The country also plans to create pressure by closing its flights from Russia and any planes with Russian markings.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands has agreed to a Ukrainian request to send 200 air defense rockets and 50 anti-tank weapons with 400 rockets. The nation has also imposed strict sanctions on Russia and has welcomed Ukrainian refugees seeking safety.



Not only has Romania accepted Ukrainian refugees, but the country has also offered services to treat anyone wounded from the crisis zones in its military hospitals. They have also donated $3.3 million worth of fuel, bulletproof vests, helmets and other military equipment.



In opposition to Berlin’s long-standing policy of banning weapon exports to conflict zones, Germany has decided to give Ukraine 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 surface-to-air missiles in the fight against Russia.



Similar to Germany, Sweden is breaking their avoidance of sending weapons, the last time being in 1939. Previously having a neutral stance, the nation has now agreed to send 5,000 anti-tank rockets to Ukraine, as well as field rations and body armor.