Wheels outnumber the doors



Alloy wheels are produced and manufactured at a fast rate, making the wheels an obvious choice for this debate.

Lucas Hiatt, Staff Writer

TikTok has started yet another digital warzone known as the wheels v. doors debate in which people attempt to settle the question: are there more wheels or doors in the world? With such an uneventful life that the world currently leads, what better way to spend our time than to debate this incredibly profound and perplexing question?

When thinking about this question, it is easy for some to immediately decide doors to be the answer. The room you are sitting in right now probably has at least one door in it and most buildings are surrounded by doors.

Only the most intelligent of individuals realize that there are more wheels in the world. However, in order to convince the door-siders of the world, it is necessary to explain the obvious case for wheels. To start, one must realize all the sources of wheels in the world. Cars can be ruled out because they also include doors; however, semi-trucks all have 18 wheels with only two doors. In addition, other sources of wheels are grocery carts, office chairs, Lego wheels, Tech Decks, wheelchairs, Heelys, bicycles, Hot Wheels toys, motorcycles, four-wheelers, skateboards, conveyor belts and more.

On top of some being confused about which one there is more of, some are confused surrounding the qualification of a wheel. According to webster’s dictionary, the definition of a wheel is: a circular frame of hard material that may be solid, partly solid, or spoked and that is capable of turning on an axle. With this in mind, we can not only consider all the previously mentioned wheels but gears can be considered a part of the wheel family as well.

Many people who side with the door argument may have misleading information that could deceive one into thinking that the amount of doors is more than it is. A classic display of the insanity in everyone on the door side of the argument is the “Monsters Inc.” argument that has been brought up.

“In the movie ‘Monsters Inc.’ we see so many doors,”  said Cooper Schultz, a freshman at LHS who sides with the door argument. “From my count, there were around 36 million doors in the movie.” 

With all of this compiled data and evidence to point wheels as the clear winner of this debate, I would like to formally ask those who side with the doors to quit spreading this misinformed deception.