Why Netflix no longer has your favorites


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Netflix’s subscriber growth has slowed, as 2021 numbers were down about 50% from the year before.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor

The last couple of years have proven to be challenging for streaming service giant, Netflix, as fairly new platforms like Apple TV and Peacock expand their popularity and available title lists. Netflix’s loss of loyal customers can also be attributed to increased frustration among viewers as the app gets rid of some of their most-watched titles. But what is the reason behind Netflix losing these all-time favorite shows and movies? That seems to be the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind.

Although keeping the availability of a Netflix Original series or movie is an easy task, third-party films are a little trickier. Netflix first has to gain the rights to the movie or show by offering the original creator company money for a designated amount of time. Once the deadline arrives, Netflix has a set list of questions and criteria to consider to figure out if keeping the title is worth it. According to the Netflix Help Center, “whenever a TV show or movie license is expiring, [the platform] considers things such as: Are the rights to the title still available? How popular is it, and how much does it cost? Seasonal and regional factors.” If Netflix thinks they are paying too much for a show gaining little attraction and the original company disagrees, the title will often leave the platform. Similarly, if the original company thinks that Netflix is not paying enough for the large amount of engagement it is receiving and Netflix disagrees, the title will likely disappear from the app.

Sometimes, however, Netflix does not have much of a say in keeping a particular title. This occurs when another streaming platform is offering the original company more money than Netflix is to gain the rights to a film. Another possible scenario is that the original company might decide to make their own streaming service and consequently also decide to take their show back. A similar case happened when the NBC original, “The Office,” left Netflix to be streamed on NBC’s own streaming service Peacock.

Although disappointing to many, not much can be done about fan-favorites leaving Netflix. And although this might answer the question as to why the app has lost some of its most popular titles, it may beg another: is keeping your subscription even worth it?