Five lesser-known artists to add to your playlist


Spotify/Kate Matthes

This Spotify playlist includes music from all five of these artists.

Kate Matthes, News Editor

Whether listened to in the car, at school or at home, music is a constant presence in many people’s lives. Popular artists dominate radio stations, music playlists and maybe even your vinyl record collection. However, discovering new musicians and bands can be fun too; who knows, they might turn into a new favorite. If you are searching for some new music, here are five lesser-known artists to help you mix things up.

  1. Remember Monday

Remember Monday is a musical group composed of three female vocalists. This band’s music is a mix between pop and country. Their feel-good songs stand out for their three part harmonies. Some of the band’s most popular songs include “Drive” and “Version of you.” They also have a cover of “Fat Bottomed Girls” by the band Queen featuring, of course, their signature complex harmonies. This band is a great choice for people who like The Chicks or just want some music to listen to while driving down a dirt road.

     2. Lulise 

Lulise is a pop music singer whose music is a mix of R&B and pop. Her catchy songs are usually light and bouncy. Lulise is a good choice if you enjoy Ariana Grande’s music circa 2014. My personal favorite songs of hers are “Pocket,” “Read My Hips” and “99%.” 

     3. Felicia Lu

Lu is an alternative pop musician. Some of her most popular songs are, “Anxiety,” “Wish You Well” and “Pay.” If you enjoy Billie Eilish or Halsey, her music could be a great addition to your playlist. Lu was also nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards as songwriter of the year. 

    4. Matt DiMona 

DiMona’s music is a mix of electronic and pop. Some of his most popular songs include “Old School Turntables,” “green tea ice cream” and “Up All Night.” His music has a laid-back vibe which makes it a good choice for studying or just relaxing by yourself. 

    5. The 502s 

The 502s are an indie folk band of five men whose music is a cross between rock and folk. Their songs are upbeat and feature a variety of instruments including banjo. The group’s most popular songs include “Magdalene,” “Just a Little While” and “Olivia.” This band is a great choice if you love The Lumineers.