Middle schoolers take on the LHS hallways


Raina Marty

LHS is swarmed with many students getting from class to class, but many students and Student Council members help make the transition of incoming freshmen very smooth.

Raina Marty, Staff Writer

Incoming freshman walking through the hallways of an unfamiliar school. Upperclassmen towering over them as they get lost in the swarm of students going from one class to another. Hearing students’ music through their headphones, learning the latest drama about somebody’s boyfriend and making eye contact with a boy totally out of your league. This is high school. 

Middle school eighth-graders from all around Sioux Falls got the opportunity to visit LHS on Tuesday, March 29th. LHS students got to give tours to the incoming freshman of their future high school, giving them a rundown of how things work and the basics of high school. The middle school students not only got a tour of the school but they also got introduced to many clubs and activities they can get involved in as soon as they start the new school year. 

“One thing I learned from the LHS tour was that there are seven periods instead of nine. My favorite part was the student guide who showed us around. I’m super excited for high school to see my old friends from the other middle schools and getting the girls. I’m most nervous for moving between classes,” said eighth-grader Sam Ericsson.

LHS students did a perfect job making sure the incoming freshman felt comfortable with the high school environment and answered any questions they had about anything going on in the next year.

“I learned how we should get involved with many activities. My favorite part of the tour was eating snacks in the gym. I’m very excited for high school, especially all the sporting events. The biggest thing I’m worried about is getting a bad GPA,” said eighth-grader Owen Lechtenburg.

Many have fears of high school just as all incoming freshmen would have, but the new and exciting transition from middle school to high school seems to overrule their fears.

“I learned that the classes are put into different wings. Also, my favorite part was being able to just walk around the school, and I’m actually kind of excited. Except I’m nervous that I’ll get lost. The part I’m most excited about is being able to see my friends from other schools and joining different clubs and activities,” said eighth-grader Cole Weisz.