‘Moonshot,’ a mid movie

“Moonshot” was released on March 31, 2022, by HBO Max, there is nothing special about it.


“Moonshot” was released on March 31, 2022, by HBO Max, there is nothing special about it.

Brooks Houwman, Staff Writer

A new Sci-fi/Rom-com called “Moonshot” was released on March 31, 2022, by HBO Max. The futuristic movie takes place in 2049 as more and more people want to leave earth for something better. Walt, who is played by Cole Sprouse, wants nothing more than to go to Mars and discover something no one has ever seen before. Walt’s lust for that kind of ultimate adventure increases when he falls in love with a girl who is on her way to Mars. Not being able to afford or win a ticket to Mars, Walt then finds a more creative way to get there. 

The same night Walt meets the girl he falls in love with he meets another girl, Sophie. Played by Lana Condor, Sophie, has a boyfriend on Mars who she learns will be there indefinitely. Sophie cannot bring herself to get on the rocket ship because of her Aerophobia, or fear of flying. Learning about a cat who snuck onto an escape pod, Walt needs someone to get him past security. Sophie decides to face her fears and get on the rocket ship to Mars. Through relentless annoyance, Walt gets Sophie to let him follow her past security as a “family” member. The rocket launches and Sophie stumbles upon Walt trying to get into an air duct. With no space passport and ticket, Sophie begins freaking out about being an accomplice to Walt’s shady activities. Both Sophie and Walt try their best to make a plan to hide Walt, but as time passes the two begin to fall for each other. 

Nothing about “Moonshot” was particularly bad. There were heartwarming and funny moments  just like every good rom-com should have. The actors performed well and did not have any weird or uncomfortable scenes. The sci-fi aspect of “Moonshot” was done as well as the Rom-com aspect. Despite half of the movie’s setting being in Space, the graphics were done very well. My favorite part of “Moonshot” was how harsh Sophie was to Walt. In the beginning, Sophie treated Walt with almost zero respect. Over time as Sophie and Walt’s friendship became stronger and stronger, she began to see him not as an idiot, but as someone with determination. There definitely could have been a more sophisticated title for “Moonshot” as I am still confused as to why it is named this. 

“Moonshot” is a cute movie. There are no overly complicated concepts to try and understand. Drifting in and out of watching the movie is doable. I would recommend this movie for a group get-together or a family movie night.