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Podcast covers (from top left to right); You’re Wrong About by Sarah Marshall & Michael Hobbes, Unfiltered by Zane & Heath, The Daily by New York Times, The Read by Kid Fury & Crissle, Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain, Code Switch by NPR, Crime Junkies by Ashley Flowers, Stuff You Should Know by Josh Clark and Charles W. Chuck Bryant and Call Her Daddy by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn.

Ellen Merkley, Staff Writer

In recent years, podcasts have made themselves known. Most people reading this probably know what a podcast is and have listened to one. Some may even listen to one every day. 

A podcast is a series of spoken word audio episodes. They all focus on a particular topic or theme. Podcast topics are endless; crime, interview, conversation, storytelling, etc. This explains why they are loved by so many as everyone can find their desired topic.

The time-saving aspect will cause podcasts to grow more and more over time. We all know we are not going to live forever, so time is very important to humans. Instead of sitting down and reading the recent news in sports, we could run and listen to a podcast at the same time. One is able to absorb the knowledge wanted through audio. 

If you are not an avid podcast listener, here are some that could strike your interest.


“The Daily”- From the American newspaper, The New York Times, “The Daily” is a daily news podcast. It is hosted by Times political journalist, Michael Barbaro. Their episodes are based on the Times’ reporting of the day. It also includes interviews with journalists from the New York Times.


“Crime Junkie”- If you are one that is obsessed with crime-related stories, this podcast is for you. It is a weekly true crime talk show podcast dedicated to stories about solved and unsolved murders, missing people, serial killers and wanted fugitives. Every Monday, host Ashley Flowers discusses a new criminal case in a straightforward, casual and informative way.


“Stuff You Should Know”-  This podcast, which includes a video series, is published by HowStuffWorks and hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. Chuck Bryant, both writers at HowStuffWorks. The podcast educates listeners on a wide variety of topics, often using popular culture as a reference giving the podcast comedic value.


“Anything Goes”- Emma Chamberlain prefers to share her thoughts and opinions with a microphone rather than an actual human being; thank goodness for her podcast in this case. Every week you will get any topic Chamberlain is feeling, from the comfort of her bed.


“Call Her Daddy”- “Call Her Daddy” started in 2018 as a relationship and sex advice podcast. The hosts used their experiences, such as Cooper’s lack of sexual education, to reduce the stigma around sex. Cooper struggled with a relationship with a power imbalance, so she gives advice to women to gain control in a similar situation.


“Unfiltered”- This podcast is from two Florida boys, Zane and Heath, that have opinions to share and nothing to back them up. You will get new videos every week about almost any topic you can think of and some crazy life storytimes. “Unfiltered” also has a place to watch all the videos behind the recording.