Unlike the others


Laura Heckenlaible

Customers take in the warm weather while sitting on the patio and enjoying some mouth-watering food at Bread & Circus.

Laura Heckenlaible, Staff Writer

If I could eat out every day, I would. With the variety of options that surpass anything I could make at home, eating out is a favorite of mine. When eating out, the diverse selection each individual restaurant has to offer is endless. 

When I go out, I want something different. I want to feel comfortable if I’m dining in, I don’t want to spend tons of money and overall I just want really delicious food that is not found everywhere and won’t make me feel completely lethargic. 

A few months ago I told myself that I would aim to go out once a week to save money and eat a little healthier. As I challenged myself, I began to search and find restaurants I never even knew existed. Over this period of time, I’ve come to enjoy going out, finding new places and trying new foods. I’ve narrowed down my extensive list to three of my favorite spots that are perfect for a date with yourself or a fun get-together with family or friends. With amazing atmospheres, lower price points and food that leaves me feeling energized these three restaurants set themselves apart making them, unlike all the others.


Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe

Located on West 41st St. next to Crossroads as well as in the Empire Mall, Camille’s offers something for everybody. Their large menu offers wraps, sandwiches, paninis salads, flatbreads, rice bowls and of course dessert. They also have an all-day breakfast which includes early morning wraps, sandwiches and even pizza. Limited not only to food, Camille’s also has a coffee and smoothie menu. 

When walking into their dine-in location on 41st St. customers are able to take in the positive oasis filled with bright colors. With a lot of seating inside the outside patio area is perfect for a sunny spring day. Another perk is the free wifi, perfect for studying or just scrolling through as you enjoy the gourmet food. 

Some of my favorite dishes offered at Camille’s are the Chicken California wrap the Camille’s club featuring a delish bacon tomato dressing and the peach breeze smoothie. 

If you want a more cafe-style, friendly place to eat, definitely check out Camille’s. The customer service is great, the atmosphere is welcoming and the food is even better.


Kaladi’s Coffee Legend & Bistro

Placed right in the middle of Minnesota Ave. off 26th St., it is easy to look over this gem of a restaurant. Kaladi’s has been open since 2004 and attracted lots of attention for its unique foods. Their mission, as stated on the Kaladi’s Bistro website, is “for you to stop looking for your favorite spot.” With a breakfast, brunch and lunch/dinner menu it’s hard not to love this place.

The menu ranges from hearty omelets and deluxe waffles all the way to top sirloins, wraps and both hot and cold sandwiches. There is an adult beverage menu for those of legal age as well.

About a week ago, I was able to go to Kaladi’s for the first time after some of my good friends raved about it. I went for breakfast and the reasonable price was easy to pay as not only was the food delicious but the portion size was very substantial. The service was great and all the servers were very welcoming.

The ceiling is strung with lights to contrast the dimmer setting of the overall lighting creating a cozy feel. The walls are painted by local Sioux Falls artists making the restaurant even more personal.

If you decide to try out Kaladi’s here are some of my go-to items: for breakfast, the granola parfait, the Kaladi’s breakfast (hash browns, two eggs, choice of breakfast meat and toast or an English muffin) and as for lunch/dinner, the Jonny H sandwich, Eliana Parmigiana pasta and the Cilantro Lime Chicken wrap. 


Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen

I may be a tad bit biased, as I saved my number 1 favorite for the finale. I was introduced to this restaurant by a teammate, and ever since then I’ve not only been obsessed but I’ve got my family and friends hooked. There was a stretch of time where I think my family and I went one time every week for months.

Tucked away in the heart of downtown diagonal from the Levitt, Bread & Circus is located in an old, historical-looking brick building. Immediately from first glance Bread & Circus has something other restaurants don’t. At the front is their large, covered patio with multiple picnic tables to sit and eat. Along with the covering to keep people shaded in the sunnier months, there are large heaters that keep the enclosure warm when it’s chiller outside. As for the inside, the restaurant is dimly lit and the walls are lined with colorful art to add to the hip atmosphere of the place. Not to mention they are pet-friendly so you may even get to see a few puppies as you enjoy your meal.

Another unique aspect of Bread & Circus is its changing menu. Every few months new items are introduced and the menu changes to fit in with the season and holidays. Their menu has something for everyone as it has an array of vegan dishes. The menu at the moment includes tons of one-of-a-kind sandwiches, pitas salads, soups and even ramen. They have a differing selection of tap beers for adults as well. Known for its generous portions, when ordering their perfectly crispy crinkle fries the plate comes piled to the top, perfect for sharing with some friends or treating yourself.

Some of my favorite dishes currently offered at Bread & Circus are the Vietnamese Fried Chicken sandwich, the Moroccan Chicken Salad, the B&C burger (made with a double patty, bacon-tomato jam, on a brioche bun from Looks) and of course their fries which come with their amazing fry sauce.

Perfect for studying, grabbing food with your family or even just a take-out order on a lazy day, Bread & Circus is a must-try restaurant that sets itself apart.