5 takeoff songs to make you feel like the main character



When first taking off, itis the most optimal time to take in the beautiful scenery from a birds-eye view.

Anna Anderson, Staff Writer

The seatbelt sign dings on, flight attendants take their seats and the pilot makes their final announcements as you sit comfortably in your window seat ready for your flight to take off. Life is good. Whether one is just beginning their vacation or braving the journey back home, these songs are bound to make you feel quite literally, ‘on top of the world’ as you soar through the sky to the next destination. 


1. “Ribs”: Lorde

This classic by Lorde is bound to make anyone feel nostalgic both about their childhood or a time where things were more simple as well as how they are living in the present moment. “Ribs” is perfect for feeling an optimal sense of gratitude while soaking up the sky around you. 


2. “Sleep on the Floor”: The Lumineers

This song is centered around the idea of escaping a mundane life to run away to a big city paradise and seizing the moment outside of one’s own small-town life. Showing one’s desire to transition from rural to urban lifestyles, the song shows the sacrifices one might make when chasing their dreams.


3. “Golden”: Harry Styles

A song about being hopeful and vulnerable about the future, this is the perfect tune for early morning flights. These upbeat lyrics are sure to excite anyone for whatever their next adventure might be. 


4. “Paradise”: Coldplay

Based primarily on a desire to escape, this song is centered around a restless young girl who is excited to live in the moment, soaking up her youthful energy. By escaping her harsh, mundane life, she gets to live in “Paradise”. 


5. “Small Worlds”: Mac Miller

Many might  know this song from the infamous quote, “The world is so small, ‘til it ain’t”, which makes this single a hit for flight takeoff. Although at his first rise to fame Miller’s individual world seemed small and tedious, he was able to expand his traditional way of thinking by directly stating through the remainder of the song that this is not always the case.