Remembering one of LHS’ very own


Argus Leader and Facebook

Annie Lanning and the “safe space” picture she made to show her support to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Daisy Larson, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the Sioux Falls and LHS community lost a teacher who was one-of-a-kind. Annie Lanning passed away the night of the storm after a tree collapsed on her car.  

“She was always the teacher striving for the best for us students,” said LHS senior Hope Mayer, former student of Lanning. 

She worked in the LHS Patriot Post, a place for students to get help with their school work. Many students can attest to the tremendous effort and love she invested in her job, saying that she always prioritized her students by getting the help they needed. Lanning unfortunately left behind not only an entire school of students, but also her beloved son Finn, husband Brian and two dogs, Archie and Frankie.

Other than teaching, Lanning was also known as one to speak up for those who needed it most. An article from Argus Leader stated, “Susan Williams, executive director of the Transformation Project, said Lanning was a great ally for the LGBTQ+ community.” A post was made to her Facebook the day before her passing where she uploaded her own “safe space” picture. The picture stated “all are welcome here,” along with a heart that displayed the progressive pride flag. She never fell short of being there for others. 

“The biggest lesson she taught me is to be yourself, no matter what other people think. Life is not a race,” said Mayer. 

Before working at LHS, Lanning had several other experiences teaching through the community to serve others. Once finishing school at Mount Marty College with her Bachelor of Arts in English, Secondary Education and Special Education, she moved on to three different schools: Springfield Academy, McCrossan’s Boys Ranch and Teachwell Solutions. Each of these schools taught alternative forms of education from the traditional public school systems. 

“She always had our best interest and helped us no matter what we needed,” said Mayer. 

LHS could never thank Lanning enough for the time she put in towards the students around her. Whether it be a lesson on education or a lesson on life, her impact will continuously remain. To Mrs. Lanning: you will forever be remembered as not only a teacher, but as a friend, sibling, daughter, mother and wife that changed the world.