Steps to taking the perfect group photos


Lucas Hiatt

Members of the statesman attempting to take a group photo for an online story.

Lucas Hiatt, Staff Writer

As summer approaches, many of us will be ready and prepared to enjoy whatever the three-month isolation from school throws at us. For many, that means making sure your social media accounts stay active with a plethora of group photos in order to make people believe that you are social outside of school. Here are the best tips for taking the most incredible group pictures:


1. Order from tallest to shortest:

Making sure everyone fits in the frame is crucial to executing group photos. In order for this to happen, ordering from tall to short is the best option. Doing this will not only make for a great photo, but it will surely expose any crushing insecurities that the people in the photo may have about their height. For short people, taking group photos translates to standing on their tip toes and making sure their paranoid, pleading and insecure face peaks just over the front row of people.

2. Argue over who takes the picture:

For many, this step is done only out of convenience in order to have the photo on your phone, but it can also affect the outcome of the photo. People with the longest arms are useful for taking selfies and usually end up being the one to take them. Additionally, the person with the latest smartphone will always make a case for their camera being the best. However, it is usually the person with main character syndrome who will always be taking the selfie as a way to be the focus of the picture

3. Pick a phone to look at:

For taking group photos with more than one camera; let’s be honest, we’re not all going to be looking at the same one. Group photos, especially ones with multiple photographers are usually taken after sporting events and gatherings. For occasions such as post soccer game team pictures, the general consensus would agree that you are supposed to look at the most demanding soccer mom’s camera. 

4. Complain that you don’t look good enough and retake the photo:

Whether your hair is messy, your eyes are shut, your head is turned or the color of your eyes just don’t look right, you will have two options: photoshop or retake the photo. For many who aren’t very tech savvy, the latter option will be the best. You might be called high maintenance, demanding or vain, but it’s worth it to get all those patronizing comments on Instagram right? 

5. Post the picture with the right hashtags:

In order to appear as relevant and interesting as possible on your favorite social medias, a good caption is essential for a post and the right hashtags. Here are some hashtags that are totally hot right now and will definitely make you look so cool in front of all your friends: #hotboysummer22, #girlboss, #winemom, #livelaughlove and more. Get creative and find one that suits your post.