The actions companies are taking to fight climate change


Taylor Schmitz

With an increased number of climate protests, more companies are feeling pressured to evaluate how their practices affect the environment.

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor

On April 6, a group of NASA scientists chained themselves to a Chase Bank to raise concern about climate change. Since then, the civil disobedience protest seeking to expose greedy corporations contributing to global warming has gone viral. As a result, the movement to combat climate change gained significant momentum. An increasing number of people are taking climate change more seriously and they want to do their part, including supporting companies that are actively working toward the same goal. Here are some companies that are doing their part to fight climate change.

  1. HP

Along with plans to eliminate 75% of its single-use plastic packaging by 2025, the technology and printing giant has helped develop energy-efficient equipment and services. HP is also shifting from plastic foam packaging cushions to ones made from recycled pulp. This action alone is predicted to eliminate the disposal of over 900 tons of plastic foam each year. The company has also launched the HP Sustainable Forest Collaborative to support forest restoration which includes eliminating deforestation from its supply chain by 2026.

      2. Apple

Every Apple office, store and data center runs on renewable energy, securing them the title of entirely carbon-neutral. Other actions the company has taken include investing almost $300 million in the China Clean Energy Fund program and expanding its global recycling programs in order to reuse components from old products. These steps have helped them stop 1.3 million metric tons of waste from entering landfills since 2015.

      3. Tesla

Being founded with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, the electric car company has produced over one million electric cars, which has prevented almost 4 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. On top of that, many of Tesla’s facilities are powered by 50% or more renewable energy, with one achieving 100%. Tesla has also invested in a Supercharger network, which has delivered the equivalent of about 75 million gallons of gas.

       4. Ikea

Investing $2 billion into renewable energy projects, banning single-use plastic products and using renewable and recycled materials are only some of the steps Ikea is taking to reduce global warming. The company is set to build 416 wind turbines in addition to the already installed 750,000 solar panels on Ikea’s numerous buildings. It also plans to make its home deliveries emission-free by 2025.

      5. Microsoft

One of the leading technology companies predicts a shift to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and has even more ambitious plans that include becoming carbon negative by 2030. What is even more impressive is that by 2050, Microsoft hopes to remove all the carbon that the company has been responsible for since its founding in 1975.

Although it may seem that news surrounding climate change is solely negative, it is important to remember that not all hope is lost as there are still actions that can be taken to help the Earth. With many powerful companies taking strides to reduce emissions, other businesses and members of the community are inspired to do the same.