The most memorable moments of the LHS 2021-22 sports seasons


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JT Rock and the Patriots celebrating after his buzzer beater shot at the State tournament

Lucas Hiatt, Staff Writer

For LHS Crazies and every fan of LHS activities, it has been quite an exhilarating year in terms of special moments that have occurred throughout each and every season. While the spring season is not over yet for many high school athletics programs, the Fall and Winter season held plenty of thrilling moments to look back on. In no particular order, here are five of the most exciting moments from the 2021-22 LHS sports seasons.

#5 – Hail Mary Touchdown Pass

On Sept. 4, 2021, the LHS Patriots played the WHS Arrows in the Pats’ second game of the season. From the prior year’s game between the two  ended in a LHS victory with a final score of 48-28, many expected this year’s game to be a blow-out. However, fans were not only surprised by the performance by the underdogs, but by the lack of effort from LHS in the first three quarters.

However, the final two minutes of the game were two of the most electrifying minutes of the season for the Pats. It was a series of back and forth scoring with. With two minutes to go, the Patriots took a seven point lead over the Arrows. WHS answered back with a touchdown drive to take the lead once again. With the Patriots down by one point and three seconds to go, a hail mary touchdown pass was thrown to Jack Smith.

The LHS cheer squad after winning the Spirit of Six award at the girls basketball State tournament.

#4 – LHS cheer wins spirit of six award twice

LHS’ fanbase has received its reputation as the Crazies and for good reason. When the student section sets their mind to it, they can be one of the loudest sections in the state. Not only this, but with a great cheer squad to lead them, LHS Crazies are a cheering powerhouse and they make sure to bring excitement to every game. 

Because of this, it was no surprise that LHS’ cheer team received the honorary ‘Spirit of Six’ award at both the girls’ and boys’ State basketball tournaments. The award is in honor of the six Rapid City cheerleaders who died in a plane crash in 1968 as they returned from the state basketball tournament in Sioux Falls. The award is meant to recognize outstanding cheerleading squads in South Dakota. Many who have attended any LHS basketball games will not be able to help but notice LHS’ student section lead by their outstanding cheer squad.


#3 – JT Rock’s buzzer beater

Although the boys State basketball tournament had many ups and downs, it had its exciting moments that had fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation and excitement. One of these incredibly exciting moments for the year was during LHS’ first consolation game against JHS. The game was a close battle between both teams, however, it never looked too promising for the Patriots with it being a consistently close game in the second half in favor of the Cavaliers. The eventual outcome was a LHS win, but the Pats never had the lead until the final second of the game where JT Rock nailed a deep three pointer.

#2 – LHS girls win state softball

Softball had an especially exciting season in the fall with winning the State tournament. Despite the sport not being sanctioned by the school district, LHS’ program still managed to bring home a win for the Pats. Not only this, the LHS softball girls have been one of the only LHS athletics teams to bring home a state tournament win in any sport. Going forward, Softball will be sanctioned by the school district as they had made plans to do so last November.

#1 – Triple overtime win against WHS

The game that was the talk of the school for days and kept everyone up well past their bedtimes was LHS’ first regular season game against WHS. The game had everyone out of their seats and the energy in the gym was absolutely thrilling. The game seemed to have absolutely no end in sight as the teams battled out in extra period after extra period. The game’s outcome can be attributed to the incredible performance put on by LHS’ Gage Gohl who had a season high for scoring. The game was back and forth; it lasted three extra periods and ended in a final score of 81-83 in favor of the Patriots.