To my best friend

Elana and I in Omaha, one of our many memories together.

Macy Honner

Elana and I in Omaha, one of our many memories together.

Allison Kolling, Staff Writer

As my high school years wrap up and I think of all my highs and lows, I think of someone who was by my side through it all. Elana has become my best friend over the past few years and I don’t even want to begin to think about not being together next year. 

Dear Elana,

We first met in elementary school when you moved to Sioux Falls, and hung out at church and church camps. Our middle school hangouts usually consisted of stalking boys’ Instagrams and tricking everyone we came across that we were actually cousins.

In high school, I think of when we first grew closer in Spanish 2 with Sr. Uthe. We were both feeling alone, without a solid group of friends and started to lean on each other for support even more. Over time you grew to be my secret keeper and comfort, always being there to listen and tell me what I needed to hear. Then COVID-19 hit, and we had to spend a few months apart, only texting and facetiming to keep eachother updated. When summer came, we were able to see eachother again, and I still vividly remember the first time you cried to me as I hugged you. 

Then, your sophomore year and my junior year started. We had journalism together and were basically together every day after school. The next months were filled with sleepovers and late nights. You truly became a sister to me; there were things I had never said out loud that I knew I could say to you. Then as spring approached and I fell into my worst mental state, Elana Grace, I can’t thank you enough for staying by my side. I know it wasn’t an easy task to take on but having you as my shoulder to cry on and talk to was everything I needed at the time. We were both vulnerable, hurting and confused about where life was supposed to take us. I thank God he placed you by my side.

This past school year has been full of the best memories, going on trips, staying out and laughing for hours about who knows what. Elana, you are kind-hearted, and I wish you nothing but the best. I am so proud of you for how hard you work on anything placed in front of you. I know life gets hard, and I know this year has not been easy for you, but you never gave up and that is something I will always admire. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. 

No matter where life takes us, you will always have a special place in my heart and I’ll always be just a phone call away. 

Love, Allison