To my best friend


Sharon McConnell

This picture is from when we hated each other but we do a pretty good job hiding that behind the camera.

Gabie McConnell, Staff Writer

Our friendship started out quite rocky. We never really got along. We fought about everything, and our favorite pastime was yelling at each other. Until you went to college. Once we had finally gotten some space from each other, it gave us the chance to become friends. Even though it took the first 11 years of my life to stop hating you I would not change any of it. Without you, I do not think I could survive this crazy world. The way you are able to be the person I need in any situation I may go through is something I will never take for granted. You have found a way to be my mom, therapist, sister and above all my best friend.

The memories I have with you are some of the happiest times of my life. From running around Ft. Lauderdale trying to catch the infamous sun trolley to getting stuck on a hill driving in the snow, and everything in between, there is no one else I would rather have next to me. I will never forget the happiness I felt watching you walk down the aisle to get married to Brandon. The love you two have for each other is something out of a movie and I’m so glad I get to watch you two build a life together.

As graduation is upon us and I look back at the past 18 years of my life there is no doubt that you have had the greatest impact on who I am today. Being seven years apart was definitely confusing for me in the beginning, but it has become something I love about us. As I graduate high school you are beginning your career as a pharmacist. It inspires me every day. I saw you struggle through pharmacy school and push yourself to get through it. You show me how to get knocked down hard and come back even stronger. To be patient and understand things happen for a reason. As difficult as that is for me most days, you are always there to remind me. You have found a way to bring me hope when it all seems hopeless. I believe those seven years apart have made you the best sister anyone could ask for. Though we may not be close in age I could not have asked for a better person to go through this life with and I cannot wait for the countless memories we will make together.