To my seniors

The seniors, who have their last few days at LHS.

Bella Engebretson

The seniors, who have their last few days at LHS.

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer

Allison- Thank you for always being you and taking time out of your day to check on everyone else, before yourself. You always come into class with a positive attitude and you are always smiling, which puts everyone else in a better mood (sometimes this is needed with the grumpy boys). Thank you for laughing at my jokes that are not funny, to make me feel better about myself. I adore you and how close we have gotten this year. I will forever thank Statesman for that. Allison, I love you and your beautiful soul. I can not wait to watch who you become in this new chapter of your life. Good luck at Mankato girl, I will miss you and your bright smile everyday. 

Carter- Oh Carter, I am so thankful for your attitude. Kidding. Thank you for listening to me even when you do not want to listen and dealing with me telling you the same story five times. You will thrive at USD, and I hope to still see you, which I am sure I will. Take care of Jerry for me too please. I am glad we have gotten to know each other and grow closer throughout this year. I never would have thought that we would have gotten close, so I am thankful I even got the opportunity. I will miss you and the excitement you bring to class every day. 

Caleb and Henry- You two never fail to aggravate me but always put me in my place when it is needed. Caleb, you drive me absolutely nuts when you sit with your feet under my chair and do not move when I ask you to. Henry, you have taught me a lot with all of your “knowledge” or you are just being a smart alec and I go with it. You two have taught me to be kinder and less judgemental by calling me out whenever you guys feel like it is needed. Henry, you will have so much fun at UNL and I hope you join the fraternity. Caleb, Creighton is great for you and maybe you will find yourself a little girlfriend, kidding. I will miss you both and hope you guys have so much fun.

Kate- Kate, you have taught me so much about myself and how to love myself. You have the kindest soul, and I am so, so thankful for you. You welcomed me into Statesman and made me feel like I really belonged here. I loved when it was time for you to edit my stories because that meant I could read all of your little, cute comments you would make. You were my first, real friend in this class and I could not be more proud of you for who you are becoming. Florida will be perfect for you. You will be living your best life Kate, and I cannot wait to watch. Even though I will be stuck here, I will always be cheering you on even from a distance. Love you.