What’s next for Mr. Strand?

Jordan Strand, in his last few weeks at LHS before approaching his new chapter this summer.

Presley Van Maanen

Jordan Strand, in his last few weeks at LHS before approaching his new chapter this summer.

Allison Kolling, Staff Writer

Jordan Strand, LHS Survey of Chemistry, Physics and AP Physics 1 teacher is moving into a new chapter in his life as he attends a pastoral college located in Louisville, Kentucky. This is a college that can lead to becoming a pastor and gaining Biblical knowledge to pursue Christian ministry. 

Strand has been teaching full-time for three years, as well as coaching cross country and pole vault for four years. Strand has been a favorite teacher of many over his past years at LHS and will be missed dearly by his student and colleague community. 

“I’m going to miss so many great personalities of my students that they bring to class every day and especially coaching both cross country and pole vault,” said Strand.

Although leaving LHS and Sioux Falls as a whole can feel unfamiliar, he is opening a whole new chapter in his life with many potential doors as he takes on this new stage. 

“The whole thing is kind of bittersweet,” said Strand. “The bitter part is the leaving Lincoln but kind of the sweet part obviously is going to start a new adventure in life in a new location.” 

His life next year will consist of being back in the classroom eight-plus hours a day learning pastoral ministry with other people who desire to do the same in the context of a local church. Down the road he hopes to end up opening a church either located in the U.S. or in another country. Though he is not going to be teaching next year, this could be considered a leave of absence and if he wanted; he could come back and teach next year. Despite this, Strand believes that teaching goes past just a classroom environment. 

“I could come back and teach, but teaching can be in any context as we are always teaching and always learning,” said Strand.

As Strand moves into his new phase of life this August, he will always have his students and athletes supporting him as hard as it is to say goodbye. 

“I love Lincoln and I love the LHS Pats, they are the best,” said Strand.