Birthday freebies worth taking advantage of


Emma Southwick

This Starbucks drink would have been $10.45, but I got it for free on my birthday.

Emma Southwick, Entertainment Editor

Each year when your birthday comes around, most people expect to receive some gifts from their parents, family members and close friends. However, many do not realize the amount of stores and food chains that will give you a free item for your birthday. Here are a few of the businesses in the Sioux Falls area that offer ‘birthday freebies’ that you should take advantage of on your next birthday. 

Crumbl Cookies

The home of everyone’s favorite cookie will give you any cookie for free on your birthday, which is a very good offer as just one cookie from Crumbl can cost around $5. To make this even better, Crumbl gives you up to 40 days to retrieve your birthday cookie. This extended time period allows you to wait for a cookie that you want to try, since Crumbl rotates their cookie flavors every week. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

More well-known as ‘B-Dubs’ to younger generations, Buffalo Wild Wings has also begun to give out free food for people’s birthdays. For this offer, you receive six free wings of your choice. Similar to Crumbl, Buffalo Wild Wings holds this offer for your entire birthday month, which allows you plenty of time to gather some friends to share your birthday wings with (or not). 

Bath and Body Works

Being one of the only non-food related places to give out free items for people’s birthdays, Bath and Body Works has delighted their customers with their birthday offer. If you are a rewards member with Bath and Body Works, you are eligible for a free body care item worth up to $7.50 on your birthday. This could get you a free travel size lotion, body spray, hand sanitizer or body wash, which is a great deal considering how pricey the products can be. 


One of America’s most loved and popular coffee chains offers you a birthday treat that you do not want to miss. Although their prices have gone up significantly within the past year, Starbucks still offers any drink for free on your birthday. This means that you could order a $15 frappuccino with as many customizations as you please and get it for free. As a coffee enthusiast and Starbucks lover myself, I always make sure to take advantage of this offer because it is so satisfying to get a super complex and normally-expensive drink without paying. 


What better way to start your birthday off than with a free stack of pancakes? By signing up for the IHOP Birthday Club, you will receive a coupon on your birthday for a free stack of pancakes with any topping. This coupon is good seven days before your birthday, on your birthday and seven days after your birthday, which ensures that you will have plenty of time to get your hands on your free birthday breakfast.