Hallway turned runway


Kadence Dean

Student sporting their Reebok sneakers and blue jeans in the LHS hallway.

Kadence Dean, Staff Writer

On the occasion of the new school year, LHS students started off strong, sporting their greatest fashions to make their best first impression. 

The students of LHS have a hard time deciding whether one can overdress for school or not. Most can agree that times are not like they used to be. Schools have come a long way from uniforms and other formal wear. In fact, in a survey sent to the student body, about 50% of students say that they would come to school practically wearing the pajamas they wore the night before. Most students at LHS try to dress up as often as they can. Some students can be seen wearing jeans, a shirt or a more formal outfit. However, a majority of students can still be seen wearing a pair of sweatpants or a sweatshirt. 

There are a few hot brands, clothing items and outfits that have been popular amongst teens in 2022. It can be agreed that this generation is in the age of activewear. What once was seen in the gym is now seen everywhere, especially the classroom. Activewear can be a cute and comfy alternative to a complicated outfit. Some of the most popular athletic brands seen around LHS are Nike and Lululemon. These brands are popular among almost everyone and seem to make any outfit come together.

A few up and coming brands are New Balance, Reebok and Puma, which have usually been spotted on someone’s new sneakers. Target brands and American Eagle/Aerie on the other hand, will always continue to be a staple in everyone’s closets.

As styles change, so have the stores people get their clothes from. Lately, one of the most popular modes of shopping has been thrifting. Thrifting refers to buying clothes second hand, and has been widely popularized. Not only is thrifting affordable, it is sustainable and a way to create your own unique style. Clothing is starting to be sold second hand more than ever. Stores like Goodwill, Savers and Plato’s Closet thrive as new stores dedicated to thrifting and are popping up all over Sioux Falls. Some students have even begun selling their own clothes. 

No matter what trends, brands or aesthetics, LHS students have really started the year making the hallway their runway!