NFL Football has returned: Recap of the first few weeks


Used with Permission by Wikimedia Commons/Bill Schultz

The Minnesota Vikings game against the Detroit lions during week three of the 2022-23 NFL season.

Lucas Hiatt, Sports Editor

One of the most exciting parts of every sports fan’s year is being able to watch their favorite football team back on live TV. However, this can also be a very disappointing display as many fans will be met with an upsetting start to their team’s season. These first few weeks have surprised and shocked fans in many ways.

Local favorites in the NFC North division teams have been performing well with both the Vikings and Packers being 2-1. The Packers have proved their worth as a winning franchise these first weeks with a big win over the Buccaneers and a commanding win against the Bears after an enormous loss to the Vikings. The Lions look the best they have in recent years and have come close to a win during every loss. This team will continue to surprise fans of the Lions and will be a difficult matchup for most teams.

The NFC South has proved to not be the most competitive division with three of these teams starting off on a losing season. The Buccaneers started the season off hot with two wins against the Saints and the Cowboys, but lost their third to the Packers by just two points. However, compared to previous seasons, the Buccaneers do not seem quite as dynamic and dominating as fans would hope. It can be easy to make assumptions about any team based on weeks one, two and three but fans should not expect much out of this division based on their performances these first three weeks.

Moving on to the NFC East, their leader, the Philadelphia Eagles remains undefeated with just one division game played so far where they beat the Commanders by a 16-point margin. The Giants remain undefeated as well with both of their wins being within a three-point margin. Additionally, the Cowboys earned themselves a win last week. Still, their overall team play has been sloppy offensively with their backup quarterback, Cooper Rush, overall performing arguably better than Dak Prescott, their starter. Prescott has suffered an injury, which will give Rush more time to shine which could potentially change Dallas’ offense for the better.

Another division that may not be very competitive this year is the NFC West. The defending Super Bowl champions started off their season on a rough note with their loss against the Bills, but the Los Angeles Rams have managed to bounce back and prove to fans why they are the previous year’s champions. The Seattle Seahawks managed to take down Russell Wilson and the Broncos in week one in an emotional game against their former quarterback. Despite the Arizona Cardinals’ 1-2 record, fans can expect to see them shine this season with a great defense and offense. Their week two performance was a spectacle to watch as they scored 22 unanswered points in the second half to win against the Las Vegas Raiders after not scoring in the first half. 

The AFC North has had its surprises and disappointments. A major disappointment has been Joe Burrow and the Bengals as they have struggled immensely so far. Burrow has managed to throw four interceptions so far this season and their only win has been against the New York Jets. The Steelers are struggling as well after week one with two losses against two lower-ranked teams. The rankings of this division will continue to change drastically as there is tons of potential in these teams. 

The AFC South has had a few big surprises that have confused fans this season. Some of these surprises include a tie within the division in the Indianapolis Colts v. Dallas Texans game and a surprising Colts win against the Chiefs in week three. Not only this, the Jaguars managed to take down Justin Herbert and the Chargers in week three with a 38-10 victory. Despite their ability to perform for the first week, it will be exciting to see where the Jaguars go in the coming weeks with their young roster. Finally, the Titans managed to scrape by in week three with a close win against the Raiders after back-to-back losses.

The AFC East has two of the toughest teams in the league and two other teams who might not see many wins this season. With the Patriots having a tough schedule and the Jets having a lack of chemistry and talent, both of these teams in the AFC east might struggle this season. That said, there are two of the toughest teams in the league in this division with the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. Not only are the Dolphins undefeated but the Bills’ only loss is to Miami. The Bills play incredibly well together as a team and will be sure to bounce back after the loss and prove to be one of the hardest matchups for any team.

The AFC West was one of the most talked about divisions as many fans thought this would be a difficult division with all the talent that has been added to these rosters. That being said, the chemistry does not seem to be present with these teams as Russell Wilson does not seem comfortable just yet in Denver, and Davante Adams in Las Vegas has not managed to secure a win for his team. Week three was very unexpected for the Chiefs with their unforeseen loss to the Colts. These teams have lots to prove, but their first few weeks have not been as impressive as fans expected. 

These first few weeks have told fans a lot about what is to come for the remainder of the season. However, much can change in the following weeks as it can be easy to make predictions based on the first weeks of the season.