Snapchat plus


Screenshot Provided by Caroline Hughes

Screenshot of information for Snapchat plus subscriptions and 7-Day free trial.

Caroline Hughes, Staff Writer

Today’s generation has made Snapchat the number one way to communicate. New features now identify who, what, when and where people are at all times, but only with a cost.

People who have Snapchat know about Snapchat Plus and the upgrades they have made. Snapchat Plus is a very popular subject to talk about mostly because people might say that it is a little bit creepy. People that have it love it and people that do not do not.

The features that Snapchat Plus users obtain are: being able to see where people have been, pinning people as their number one best friend, being able to see how many times people rewatched their story, seeing where they are on other people’s best friends list and design upgrades that make the app look way cooler. 

Before Snapchat Plus users would be able to see where their peers were at the moment that they looked, but with the new features users can see where their peers have been within the last 24-hours. The user does not even have to be on Snapchat at the moment for people to see where they have been. 

Not only can Snapchat Plus users observe certain details that normal users cannot but they also get super cool design ideas for the app. 

With normal Snapchat the person that the user talks to the most holds the number one best friend spot, but with the cost of $3.99 per month, $21.99 for six months or $39.99 for the year for Snapchat Plus the users can pin anybody that they have on Snapchat as their number one. 

The only downsides of Snapchat Plus are one, the cost and two, users that do not have Snapchat Plus can see if someone does. 

Snapchat plus has changed a lot of people’s minds about the app. It is up to the user if they believe the negatives outweigh the positives.